My Own Advisor 2013 Financial Predictions

I haven’t done this very often on my site but for today’s post I’m going to look into my crystal ball and forecast a bunch of financial events I think will happen in 2013.  At the end of this year, we’ll see how close I came to hitting the marks.


  1. The S&P/TSX Composite Index will finish the year at 13,100.
  2. The Dow Jones will finish the year at 13,900.
  3. With renewed focus on Asia markets, RIM is the comeback business story of the year and makes the cover of Canadian Business Magazine at some point to prove it.
  4. Crude Oil will finish the year at around $98 per barrel.
  5. The Canadian Dollar will finish the year at $0.97 against the U.S. Dollar.
  6. Speaking of cents, nobody misses the Canadian penny.
  7. Canadian REITs, measured by iShares XRE performance, will deliver 10%+ return.
  8. The following U.S. companies will announce dividend hikes this year:  Coca-Cola, Johnson & Johnson, Procter & Gamble and Emerson Electric.
  9. The following Canadian companies will announce dividend hikes this year:  TD Bank, Bank of Nova Scotia, Enbridge and Telus. (I own all of them!)
  10. Canadian bonds, measured by iShares XBB performance, will deliver 5%+ return.

That’s good enough 🙂  Let’s see where I end up.

How about you?  Any financial predictions you’d like to share?

10 Responses to "My Own Advisor 2013 Financial Predictions"

  1. Sorry I haven’t been around to comment in awhile Mark! Just finishing up that big project I was taking on!

    I made some predictions of my own, and I think I’m a little more “bullish” than you are. You really think we’ll see Canadian bonds increase in value this year? How much longer can that trend continue?

  2. Pretty precise predictions on the stock indices lol. I know many others like myself would really benefit if everything on that list were to come true :0) I predict our unemployment rate will fall below 7% by end of the year.


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