Here are just a few of my media and featured appearances:

Thanks to Larry MacDonald for my first feature in this 2010, Me and My Money article – The Globe and Mail, August 2010.

Tax Free Savings Account power increasing – The Star, February 2012.

Avoid My Investing Mistakes – My University Money, December 2013.

Investor Profile – Save with the SPP, Saskatchewan Pension Plan, December 2014.

Investor Profile – Me and My Money, The Globe and Mail, November 2015.

15 Canadian Personal Finance Bloggers to Follow in 2016 – RateHub, January 2016.

Be a landlord, without the headaches – The Winnipeg Free Press, July 2016.

Get Wealthy Eventually, Cover Story – Canadian Money Saver, July 2016.

Thanks to MediaPlanet for this Q&A with yours truly – discussing investing tips and best practices for Canadians – November, 2016

MediaPlanet 2017 Future of Investing Campaign – Toronto Star insert, March 2017.

15 Canadian Personal Finance Bloggers to Follow in 2017 – RateHub, January 2017.

Point, Counter Point – Dividend Metrics 101 – Canadian Money Saver, May 2017.

Thanks to Joel Schlesinger for including my input into this Globe and Mail article – Meet, and learn from, the Warren Buffets of Canada, June 2017.

Here is an article about the importance of saving and investing and the difference between the two – FinancialLiteracy, September 2017.

Thanks to Build Wealth Canada for having me on the podcast – October 2017.

These are just some samples!

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