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6 Responses to "Deals"

  1. ETF “plagiarizing” is not such a bad idea after all. If it is lo cost as you show in your articles, one can stick with it. The problem in copying a successful ETF is, you do not rebalance as efficiently as they do because of the economies of scale. They can afford, but I can’t. The commission will eat into my income.

    That said, if one owns stocks and buy other low cost ETFs, a overlap occurs. It is so difficult to not to repeat the same stocks that the ETF guys buy. Your recos above have that inherent defect. I am finding that I have stock repetition in my portfolio.

  2. Thanks Mark, Appreciate the advice. I am looking to do more research on my investments. I have started to make many of the suggestions in your blog with regards to my TFSA (American and international ETFs) and RRSP/LIRA (Canadian stocks and ETFs). I am retired but have not started to withdraw anything but my real goal is building my retirement income stream and ensure it is built with sound and tax efficient investments. I very much enjoy your blog and find it very beneficial.

    1. I hear ya with the income stream Nancy. Even though I’m not retired yet, I would love to have my income stream (i.e., that I blog about every month = $30k per year from non-reg + TFSAs) in place so that when I do decide to semi-retire, the income stream is there waiting for me. That’s the plan.

      I find I own enough CDN stocks now whereby I really need to diversify into the U.S. and I find the easiest and more safety-prone way of doing that is via low-cost ETFs. VYM and HDV are my favourites from the U.S. for some income and growth and they are very tax efficient inside the RRSP in particular.

      All the best and glad you enjoy the site!

  3. There are many vendors for dividend information for a fee such as 5i, Dividend Earner, Sure Dividend, and Morningstar. Do you have any recommendations on the strengths/weaknesses of these vendors.

    1. I have a partnership with 5i. Given they do not own any Canadian stocks themselves – to avoid conflict of interest – I love the unbiased reviews they offer.

      Should you wish to explore it…they have a free no obligation trial.

      I know the blogger Dividend Earner and he does well to provide detailed insights.

      I also know the blogger Sure Dividend as well. His articles are very thorough.

      I recall Morningstar just recently cancelled their free stock research tool? I never used it myself and I didn’t find it that great personally.

      What in particular are you looking for Nancy?


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