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Dividend Income Tracking Tool

Dividend Stock Calculators

Check out BuyUpSide

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  • Stock Return

Here is another dividend calculator.

Savings and Investing Calculators

Kudos to Sandi Martin for this Canadian Investment Fee calculator. It was built to compare the cost of investing across Canada with online portfolio management companies like Nest Wealth, Justwealth, WealthBar, Steadyhand, Wealthsimple, BMO SmartFolio, Invisor, ModernAdvisor, and Portfolio IQ.

Invest better!  Use this FREE Canadian online investment fee calculator to help you determine how the different low-cost robo-advisor firms can best suit your needs!

Not sure how to visualize your portfolio or backtest portfolio returns?  This site is one the best I’ve seen at this – and it’s FREE.  Check out Portfolio Visualizer.

Check out this FREE financial planning calculator from Planswell.

This is a good savings calculator from Tangerine.

Vanguard has an excellent retirement nest egg calculator.

This is a super simple RRSP calculator.

Here is an excellent TFSA calculator here showing how to generate a $1 million portfolio tax-free.

Check out this rate of return calculator courtesy of PWL Capital.

Here is an excellent RRSP/RRIF withdrawal calculator.

I like this LIF minimum and maximum withdrawal calculator.

Government of Canada Calculators

I like this Government of Canadian Retirement Income Calculator.

Thanks to Holy Potato here is a free Canada Pension Plan calculator.

Adjusted Cost Base Calculators

Need to keep track of your Adjusted Cost Base in a non-registered account?  Use this free ACB calculator.

Mortgage and Debt Calculators

This is one of the best rent versus buy home calculators I’ve used, thanks to the New York Times.

Here is Preet Banerjee’s rent versus buy home calculator.

Mortgage Comparison Sites is one of my go-to sites for mortgage rates.

Rate is one of Canada’s best comparative sites for mortgages, credit cards, banking and insurance rates.

Life Insurance Sites

Life Insurance Canada is one of Canada’s premier life insurance brokers.

Tax Sites

TurboTax Canada has an excellent resources page – check it out here.