Weekend Reading – Out with the old, in with the new across the blogosphere

Weekend Reading

Headlining the Weekend Reading list, read about Andrew Hallam’s inspirational story of beating cancer and how his battle helped simplify his investment portfolio.  A great article…

As my blogpost title suggests many bloggers reflected upon 2012 and looked ahead to 2013 over the last week.  Check out some of these interesting articles from the world of personal finance and investing.

See you next week, when I intend to report my dividend income for December 2012 and the entire year.

Have a great weekend!

Check out the best by Rob Carrick from 2012.

Yours truly, just for kicks, entered Financial Uproar’s 2013 Stock Picking Contest.

Ellen Roseman announced some new personal finance books ready for reading in 2013.

Dividend Monk believes Kinder Morgan Energy Partners (KMP) is poised for good returns.

Dividend Ninja shared his 2012 year in review.

Dividend Guy has a FREE ebook for a limited time only:  Best 2013 Dividend Stocks.

My University Money got some predictions right and wrong last year.

Michael James on Money shared his take on goals and debt.

Canadian Capitalist provided 2012 asset class returns.

Jim Yih wrote about how Staples failed him.

Big Cajun Man shared his favourite posts from 2012.

Sustainable Personal Finance told us why solar power rocks.

Canadian Couch Potato answered a reader question out dividend reinvestment plans (DRIPs).

Finance Fox informed us what separates the successful folks from the rest of the herd.

Brian Poncelet shared some interesting (and morbid) death statistics, advocating insurance is important at any age.

Boomer & Echo wrote a cool article about month-by-month financial planning.

Mr. CBB released his monthly budget update for December 2012.

Squawkfox released her best articles from 2012.

The Passive Income Earner reviewed Thomson Reuters Corporation.

Mr. Money Mustache wrote:  your money or your life.

Thirty Six Months accomplished some great goals in 2012.

Last but not least, the premiere of the new season of Million Dollar Neighbourhood airs this Sunday on the Oprah Winfrey Network.  Check out Preet Banerjee’s site for more details.  #MDNTV

Mark Seed is the founder, editor and owner of My Own Advisor. As my own DIY financial advisor, I've grown our portfolio to over $500,000 - but there's more work to do! Our next big goal is to own a $1 million investment portfolio for an early retirement. Subscribe and join the journey!

14 Responses to "Weekend Reading – Out with the old, in with the new across the blogosphere"

  1. Hey mate! That’s quite the list! Looking forward to your dividend update for the year. We’ll be meeting with our advisor soon but I’m sure it’s not as exciting as your dividend update. I hope to start investing something on my own this year. Not sure where, when or how but I’m sure I’ll get help from the pros along the way. Cheers Mr.CBB

  2. Thanks! As for your portfolio, I’m sure you already know this, keep your fees as low as possible for as long as possible. That’s one of the keys to financial freedom. Oh yeah, and no mortgage 😉

    Have a great weekend!

  3. Mark!!!!
    Thanks for the inclusion in a solid roundup.
    Hope 2013 is treating you well, and that you’re not too exhausted from all the snow shoveling up in the big “O”. Have a great weekend!

  4. Interesting line-up for the start of January and new year. It’s amazing how these lists get you discovering amazing blogs. I started off with Modest Money and it seems there an entire Canadian finance blogosphere I’ve been blind to for way too long. I don’t yet know how to define it but there is a distinct spirit up here from what I know from US American financial blogs.


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