The Canadian Financial Summit 2018 – Online and FREE!

The Canadian Financial Summit 2018 – Online and FREE!

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​Last year, I had the opportunity to participate in the first Canadian Financial Summit, and I was glad I did.

This year, this event proves to be even bigger and better!

The Canadian Financial Summit is 100% free – no catch!

What I like the most about this online summit is that it brings together over 25+ Canadian experts in various fields and you get all their knowledge for free.  I’m a fan of this content too 🙂

Who’s part of this conference?

The bloggers (and friends of mine) behind Young and Thrifty have once again organized this event featuring 25+ personal finance experts across the country.

Some of these experts include:

  • Jon Chevreau (author of Findependence day; former editor of MoneySense Magazine)
  • Preet Banerjee (CBC’s The National Commentator)
  • Ellen Roseman (Columnist at Toronto Star)
  • Rob Carrick (Columnist at The Globe and Mail) and many more!

In addition to these mainstream personal finance gurus, a number of popular Canadian finance bloggers will be participating, including but not limited to:

The gents at Young and Thrifty were kind enough to ask me to participate again – and I’ll be speaking about a magical money milestone we recently passed and what’s ahead when it comes to our financial plans for an early retirement, including what’s changed, how we’re getting there and more.

You can view the entire speaker line up and all the dates folks are presenting here.  Can you find me in the picture below? 🙂

Canadian Financial Summit 2018

Save More, Invest Better, Worry Less

It’s true, and this can apply to you too!

This virtual Summit is designed to cut through the fog of confusing financial jargon and build the confidence needed to seize control of your personal finances.  Each speaker will pull back the curtain on their unique area of expertise.  With their actionable advice and attention-grabbing speaking styles, these experienced Canadian gurus will help take your money game to the next level – no matter if it’s your first day at the financial dojo or if you’re already a 3rd-degree blackbelt in financial literacy.

The Canadian Financial Summit will show you how save hundreds on monthly costs, earn thousands more in investment returns, and provide examples of real people that measure their net worth in millions.  Are you in?

The Summit will kick off very soon with a live webinar on September 12 with presentations on September 13th, 14th, and 15th (I will be presenting this day!).

Again, FREE registration and details are here!

Over the coming days you will learn….

  • How to retire early and on your own terms
  • How to invest better, easier, and more efficiently
  • How to protect yourself from corporate chicanery
  • How to see through financial jargon meant to confuse you
  • How to negotiate the best deals for yourself
  • How to avoid crippling fees and terrible advice
  • How to better understand the housing market
  • How to get your credit cards work better for you
  • How to earn hundreds more every week with innovative side hustles
  • How to travel on the cheap to exotic locales
  • And MUCH MORE….

So it’s free, I get it, what’s the catch?

There isn’t one!  Only that after 48 hours there is only one way to see The Canadian Financial Summit – via the anytime, anywhere All Access Pass.  In addition to a pile of bonus material, this Premium Pass gives you lifetime access to streaming the videos.  Pretty awesome.  That pass will allow you to stream the entire conference – wherever and whenever you want.

Just head on over to the Canadian Financial Summit, sign up for free, and you’ll also be automatically entered to win one of the free Premium All Access Passes they will giving away when the event goes LIVE on September 12th.

That’s it. No essays. No paperwork. Just a simple registration.  Watch, learn and enjoy your money.

I look forward to your comments about my presentation!  See you there!


My name is Mark Seed - the founder, editor and owner of My Own Advisor. As my own DIY financial advisor, I'm looking to start semi-retirement soon, sooner than most. Find out how, what I did, and what you can learn to tailor your own financial independence path. Join the newsletter read by thousands each day, always FREE.

14 Responses to "The Canadian Financial Summit 2018 – Online and FREE!"

  1. I’m sure there will lots of good advice but usually it’s less specific and deals in generalities. Not that they could do much everyone’s situation is different and they would like to appeal to a cross section of listeners. For me I’ve picked my medicine and will stick to it through thick & thin.

  2. The cynic in me may be shouting down my better angels but I have to wonder about this…

    “Over 25 Canadian personal finance experts are ready to help you become your own advisor.”

    Are ALL these people truly “experts”? And if so, what qualification standards are being applied?

    1. Well, I’m no CFP (yet) or CFA or other professional designation but I do believe some of these folks a) know their stuff and b) can provide great information to the masses.

      Does everyone need this advice? Nope, that’s all good. 😉

      1. “I do believe some of these folks a) know their stuff and b) can provide great information to the masses.”

        Ya, that’s not exactly the issue. If one is going to advertise as “personal finance experts” in this day and age one had better have some kind of accreditation. Just sayin’.

        1. Lloyd: Designations probably apply more to Sales than Experts. People like Mark probably provide more help to those who read his posts than they would get from those with designations. My mentor, Tom Connolly has no designation but I feel he’s provided many with great personal advice.

          1. I take note that so far, no one has provided an explanation of just what qualifications make all these people “personal finance experts”.

            I think we can all agree that whilst these bloggers may provide information, to classify them as experts is a bit of a stretch. It does no one any service to advertise them as such. In fact it kinda ticks me off.

          2. Lloyd: I think it was “expert in their field”, but I agree that there is no such thing as “A Personal Financial Expert”. That would imply they could resolve eveyone’s personal financial problems and there is no one solution or route.
            As I said each could probably provide some sound advice like: Reduce one’s debt, don’t spend more than you earn, start saving early, don’t put all your eggs in one basket, etc, etc. Expert advice, not likely.
            We consulted Jim Yih, Pension Consultant and Founder of RetireHappy way back. His advice was to diversify and look to the long term with an 8% total return by holding a wide selection of Mutuals. We followed his advice, to our regret, but at the time it made perfect sense.
            That’s the problem, most financial advice makes sense, is probably fairly good advice and generally correct, over the long term. Unless one is willing to take charge of their own finances and learn they are probably better off with the Passive ETF route, provided they stick to the buy, hold, ignore, else they’ll be with the 90% losers in the market.

          3. Guess I should add that today I’m happy if my Income grows by 8% over the previous year, so if the price follows in the long term, than Jim’s projection was not all bad. I look at Total Return as Yield + Dividend Growth, so he’s out as my yield is just over 6%, + 8% = 14%.

          4. Mark: I’m using my Income Increase over the previous year, which is a result of div increases & div re-investments. That change is currently 8.76% and with 3 months to go I should be around 10%. Everything else is unimportant, including Total Return which I don’t really monitor.


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