What does your car say about you?

What does your car say about you?

On my commute to work the other day, driving my old beater (my new nickname for it is “Bones” by the way), I was thinking about the cars people drive and what it might say about them. 

Here’s my fun quick take for most brands A-Z.

  • Acura – I’m upscale. Honda is beneath me.
  • Audi – I’m sophisticated and yeah, I’ve got a bit of cash.
  • BMW – Check out my ride. Don’t touch anything.
  • Buick – I’m old.
  • Cadillac – I like luxury.
  • Corvette – I’m stuck in 1985.
  • Dodge – I couldn’t find anything else to drive.
  • Ford – I’m dependable.
  • Honda – I can’t afford an Acura.
  • Hyundai – I like value for money.
  • Infiniti – I’m a slick Nissan.
  • Jeep – I may or may not be the outdoors type. Besides, I can’t afford a Land Rover.
  • KIA – I’m frugal.
  • Land Rover – I’m one with the earth. What emissions?
  • Lexus – I’m a hot Toyota.
  • Mazda – Although I’m mostly independent, I’m a younger looking Ford.
  • Mercedes – I’ve made it, can’t you see that?
  • Mini – I don’t mind overpaying for fun.
  • Mitsubishi – I’m reliable.
  • Nissan – I’m good looking but not expensive.
  • Porsche – I can afford anything I want.
  • Rolls Royce – What money?
  • Smart – I hate paying for gas, space and other things I don’t really need.
  • Subaru – I’m fun and sporty.
  • Tesla – I’m the $hit.
  • Toyota – I’m conservative.
  • Volkswagen – I’m not quite ready for the Audi.
  • Volvo – I’m sturdy.

For the record, we own a 2000 Mazda and a 2012 KIA.

What car do you own?  What does your car say about you?

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  1. So Mark, we went from an Audi A4 and a Honda Accord to a 2010 Ford F150 and and 2012 Mazda 6. The Ford is to pull the boat and the Mazda seems to be for the kids to drive. All in all we are getting to be pretty dirt poor and thank god for the defined benefit pension. I think the more luxurious your vehicle costs is directly related to your concern over “sunk costs”.

    Buying cars for most of us is a necessity. Considering your dilemma over buying a new one, J. P. Getty said money is like manure, if you don’t spread it around, it stinks.


    1. Good to hear from your Greg! A4s are a nice ride. Yes, you are lucky to have a nice DB pension!

      I still drive my old beater car because we’re opting for early retirement. We’ll see…

      I have no problem spending money on travel and other things, I just don’t need a fancy car. When I reach early retirement, maybe I’ll treat myself to a nice A4 or something else sporty 🙂

      Stay in touch,

  2. Prius should have its own category – I don’t know if anyone has seen the old South Park episode about them, I think you could add Tesla to that as well. The episode really say’s it all. I really don’t get the corvette comment? I would say maybe… “I’m older but I’m not dead and don’t sit in the backseat of my wife’s SUV” eternally inebriated.

    1. I find people that drive Corvettes are stuck in a time warp, not usually in a good way. I like your quote Paul and will consider that for an update on this post in the future 🙂

    1. You’ve bought into the Mazda marketing machine! Kidding aside, I’m looking at keeping my loyalty to Mazda and getting potentially a CX-5 for my next car. Been a very happy Mazda customer.

      1. Wife loves volvo’s. So we put both kids into an older (10-12 year old) vehicle when they went to university.

        The offer was, live at home for university and we’ll help you out with car costs. Move to the city and we’ll buy you a bus pass and a pair of bus pants. Both kids opted to stay at home.

        Plus, a 10-12 year old luxury vehicle like that is surprisingly affordable, have lots of miles left on them (important at that age, they drive alot) and, they keep my kids safe :).

  3. The Prius V was the one I’ve liked the best. Sold it and kept the “I’m not a Toyota” hybrid as we wanted to cut to only one car.

    .Fun topic Mark!


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