Weekend Reading – Myers-Briggs blogger profiles, rich NFL athletes, F-words and more

Welcome to some Weekend Reading friends.  With just over a month before the holidays my thoughts have started to turn towards holiday shopping for the family.  I haven’t hit the stores yet but I need to do so soon.  We hope to purchase our gifts over the next couple of weeks as to avoid the consumer rush and frenzy leading up to the holidays.  Work has been busy over the last few weeks so I haven’t posted as many articles as I would have liked but that should change in a few weeks – back to regularly scheduled programming.  Even still, it’s all about quality over quantity on this site – right?

I hope you find these articles interesting and stay tuned for next week’s posts – I’ve got one with a working title called Fools with Tools and maybe a (slightly controversial) post about Registered Education Savings Plans (RESPs).  Enjoy this edition of Weekend Reading.

Freedom Thirty Five Blog provided the ultimate list of personal finance bloggers Myers-Briggs personality profiles.  ESFJ here.

Here is a list of the highest paid NFL players of all time.

Mr. Money Mustache shared a few F-words this week:  Focus, Festivity and Flow were some keys to financial success.

Own bonds?  Don’t expect bond yields to go anywhere for a decade.

Rob Carrick said it’s time for Boomers to pay for their share of taxes.

Remember November is financial literacy month.  #FLM2015.  Here are some mortgage tips for homeowners of all ages.

Within the year, Big Cajun Man reminds us the Rogers VIP program will be axed.

Michael James on Money says he doesn’t trust his gut when it comes to investing.

Roadmap2Retire wrote about supplemental pension plans.

Last but not least if you have some time this November 25th check out this #LoonieLiteracy Twitter chat with a few of my fellow bloggers.  In joining the chat you can win a $100 prepaid credit card for Christmas shopping.

Happy investing and thanks for checking out Weekend Reading.

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  1. Thanks for the inclusion this week, interesting Myers-Briggs profiles, I have had them done at work a few times, guess I didn’t make the cut in the article. Remember to watch those points programs, the points aren’t worth anything until you use them!



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