Weekend Reading – Wealth Creation Stocks, Failing, Killing Mortgages and More

Welcome to another Weekend Reading list, sharing the best in personal finance and investing.  This week, these 15 financial rules got a bit of press across social media circles and I shared four fat financial failures to avoid.

Enjoy these top picks from the week that was and we’ll see you here again next week.

Rob Carrick suggested to look for (and hold) wealth creation stocks.

Retire Happy wrote about the importance of failing.

Barry Choi provided some tips to kill your mortgage sooner.  We use a combination of these things.

The folks at BadCredit.org ranked yours truly in their top 10 Best Canadian Personal Finance Blogs.  Thanks for the honour!

“I’m an indexer. I don’t care what the indexes did today!” – Preet Banerjee (2014).  Read more here about Preet’s comment and Big Cajun Man’s confession.

5i Research told us stock target prices are just bad.

One of my favourite writers, Andrew Hallam, told us to diversify, relax, rebalance and repeat when it comes to investing.  I liked this part of the article:  Celebrating rising indexes is like gushing about the rising prices of canned goods at your local supermarket. Of course they’ll rise over time. But stocking up when they’re cheap is better than buying during a bull run.”  I love when the market falls – time to buy.

Michael James on Money wrote about TFSA over-contribution penalties.

Sandi Martin offered a take on fee-based financial planning here.

This is how Krystal Yee started investing, Part 2.

Passive Income Earner answered some buy versus rent questions.  I believe renting is usually a good bet as you save up money for a sizeable down payment.

Million Dollar Journey posted the ultimate Smith Manoeuvre resource list.

Here are more chances to win Travel Hacking for Canadians on Stephen’s site:  HowToSaveMoney.ca.

All-time stock market highs are perfectly normal according to Ben Carlson.

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  1. Thanks for the articles. Although very boring indexing is gathering steam. It so simple these days with low cost etf,s to cut out the adviser. I very may one day adopt this approach but for now I enjoy being a market trader

    1. Indexing is boring, but it works. I’ll probably index more going-forward, it just makes so much sense and besides, I think I have enough, different Canadian stocks.


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