Weekend Reading – Vanguard, warnings, indexing, Aeroplan, saving cash and more

Welcome to my first Weekend Reading edition in June friends…summer is here…almost…not quite technically…but close enough for me.  I hope you had a good week and here’s to an ever better weekend.  Earlier this week I provided a few great ways to save on home and car insurance and Rob Carrick from the Globe and Mail was nice enough to mention my article about living off dividends.

Any big plans for the weekend?

We have “the usual” going on I guess.  Some yardwork, some errands, some socializing planned and a bit of downtime.  Hope you take full advantage of your weekend and see you here again next week when I will (this time) have my latest dividend income update ready.


Vanguard is changing the name of some of its ETFs.

Larry Swedroe warned us dividend stocks are no replacement for bonds.

Money We Have listed some indexed products for beginners.

Stephen Weyman calculated what an Aeroplan mile is really worth.

Here are some super simple ways to save on cash.

Dividend Earner shared his income update.

BrighterLife told us summer vacations in Canada can rock.

Happy end of the three-year cell phone contracts in Canada day!

Looking for personal finance with a dash of sass?  Check out Mo’ Money Mo’ Houses Podcast with Jessica Moorhouse.  Congrats on the new platform. #MoMoneyPodcast

Million Dollar Journey provided a take on the best credit card for Air Miles collectors.

Michael James on Money wrote about the wrong investing goals.

The guys at My University Money told us how to get a Masters of Education debt-free.

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15 Responses to "Weekend Reading – Vanguard, warnings, indexing, Aeroplan, saving cash and more"

  1. I’m telling you, you guys are missing out! Devalued, yes. Still worth it, yes!

    Anyway, Aeroplan is a very polarizing subject these days. I’m glad people are quitting the program actually because it means less competition for reward tickets and is more likely to catch Amia’s attention and cause them to rework the program for the better.

    Thanks for the link up!

  2. Both Air Mile and Aeroplan miles have been greatly devalued over the years. I’d rather collect travel rewards or cash rewards via credit cards now.

    Have a good weekend Mark.


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