Weekend Reading – TSX turnaround edition

Weekend Reading – TSX turnaround edition

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Welcome to a new Weekend Reading edition, the potential for the TSX to turnaround edition.

Before some highlights on that theme, a few recent posts:

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Weekend Reading – TSX turnaround edition

Back in December 2023, I read a few articles that suggested Canada’s stock market was poised for an upcoming good year (this year).

Maybe those days are here…?!

Now that interest rates have been stable for some time, I would like to think companies in our financial and utilities sectors in particular have adjusted. Those sectors have hardly done well in recent years which makes me believe the rest of 2024 could be a rebound year – for patient investors – who have remained invested in those sectors and the TSX overall.

Better still, smart investors might have added to their TSX portfolio along the way…


In recent weeks, many market cap-leading TSX stocks have been on the upswing something this Wealth Professional forecast hinted could happen back in January 2024.

“For Canadian dividend stocks, I think the opportunities are better than they have been at any point in recent history,” says Noah Solomon, chief investment officer at Outcome Metric Asset Management. “I can’t remember the last time you had some very stable, low-volatility blue chip companies offering the kind of mouthwatering yields that they are offering today.”

As a case in point, Solomon highlights Bell Communications and TELUS – both stable Canadian businesses that reside in a “cozy oligopoly” of telecom stocks, which bodes well for their ability to generate profits.

“They’re offering yields of between 6.5% and 7.5%, which are tax-preferred because they’re Canadian companies,” Solomon says. “That’s like a bond equivalent yield approaching 10%.”

In the utilities space, he sees similar opportunity from Hydro One, Emera, and Fortis, which he says are yielding about 4.5% – close to 6% bond equivalent yield when accounting for the difference in tax treatment.”

Another financial expert also recently saw value in our TSX: Brian Belski, BMO’s chief investment strategist.

While Brian didn’t pick any particular stocks to own nor say when the TSX would see more investment inflows, he did peg a lofty target in a recent Globe and Mail article for the S&P/TSX Composite Index to finish 2024 at:


That would be impressive.

That’s another 6% raise on top of what low-cost XIC (iShares Core S&P/TSX Capped Composite Index ETF) has already delivered year to date: 7%.

Will we see double-digit TSX returns for 2024?

I hope so…which would blow past my 2024 predictions but I won’t complain. 🙂

More Weekend Reading – TSX turnaround edition

Barry Schwartz believes our Canadian oil sands companies are materially undervalued. Yet another reason to buy local in 2024.

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Thanks to a recent reader question – I’ll link to this post – since without any debt, spending $72,000 per year after tax with spending rising by 3% every year is a nice retirement lifestyle. 🙂

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It has been said that “dividends don’t matter” by some. Well, tell that to Dividend Daddy. I like your boat. 

Have a great weekend!


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12 Responses to "Weekend Reading – TSX turnaround edition"

  1. Juicy dividends for sure. I really think these are the days us dividend investors look forward to. I bought more this past week to top up BCE with a dividend of 8.5%.
    Good article and info. I hope the TSE hits 23,500 this year.
    Thanks Mark!

  2. First sentence: “turunaround edition.” – slight typo. And believe me, “to run around” would have a far different meaning than “to turnaround” 😉

  3. Lloyd (63, retired at 55) · Edit

    “Those sectors have hardly done well in recent years”

    Adding to the recent malaise of the financial sector is the ongoing Canada Recovery Dividend. Not sure exactly how this temporary tax played out for the individual investor, but taking out 600 million per year has to have had *some* kind of effect. Still a few more years to run yet. 🙁

    1. Going to be interesting long-term but I suspect with everyone needing a home; buying houses, others starting businesses in Canada, I don’t think bank profits will be hurt very much.

      Have a nice weekend, Lloyd!

    2. Hoping you’re right on the turn around Mark. Some pretty anemic looking stocks here.

      Good point Loyd. Governments can be very arbitrary and often have political objectives that drive decisions more than pragmatism.

        1. (RBull) deane hennigar · Edit

          Didn’t mean to sound like complaining. Overall its an incredible start to ’24. Just those old stalwarts like BCE, T, EMA, FTS, pipes, some banks have taken a major beating!!


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