Weekend Reading – Top Canadian investment sites, buying at all-time highs, #HNY edition!

Weekend Reading – Top Canadian investment sites, buying at all-time highs, #HNY edition!

Hey Folks!

Welcome to my latest Weekend Reading edition where I share some of my favourite articles from the week that was across the personal finance and investing blogosphere.

I know you’ve been busy with family and likely some well-deserved downtime during the holiday season, so I’ve linked to my recent Weekend Reading editions below for your future perusal!

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I want to wish you a VERY Happy New Year – including much health and happiness to you and your families. 2020 has been a trying year but 2021 brings some optimism and some new beginnings. 

Best wishes to all,


Weekend Reads

Dividend Growth Investing & Retirement said you could double your dividend income with dividend reinvestment plans (DRIPs) and strong dividend growth rates. 

Yes. That is true…kinda like the Rule of 72. Assuming about a 7.2% or so return over the coming decade, you will double your money. Same goes for your dividend growth. From the article:

Your dividends grow from the initial $4,000/year to $7,869/year after a decade.

Ok, so 7% dividend growth doesn’t quite double in 10 years, but you get close.

You’d actually need an average of 7.2%/year dividend growth to double your dividend income in 10 years.

I know this is true myself. I’ve seen a steady rise in our income stream over the years thanks to maxing out our two Tax Free Savings Accounts and holding the existing non-registered assets I do. I hope to update my chart in the coming weeks for final 2020 results. Again, ~ 50% of this income stream is tax-free!!

MOA December 31, 2019 Dividend Income

Should you buy at all time high? Ideally, no. But even if you do, even if you consistently “buy high” you’re not going to do as nearly as bad as you think. This is because it’s better to invest than not invest at all and over time, the stock market tends to have “more good days” than bad days.

From Nick’s post:

As investors our goal is to grow our wealth so that we can live the life we want.  Unless you are investing your entire nest egg into one asset class at a market peak, it is unlikely that buying near an all-time high will ever prevent you from living the life you want.”

Kudos to the team at Tangerine for launching some new low-cost global ETFs for Canadian investors.

What’s to like about this launch?

  • Modest fee: Although not rock-bottom, 0.65% money management fee. 
  • Hands off approach: For the fee, they will execute your automatic contributions, automatic rebalancing, and dividend reinvesting.
  • Globally diversified: Each portfolio invests in stocks and/or bonds from over 45 countries across the world, offering a whole lot of opportunity for growth.
  • Start with as little as $25: You don’t need a fortune to start investing. Get going with as little as $25. Millennials – you can get wealthy eventually by starting small. I know. Been there!

Millennials Can Get Rich Slowly – If You Can

Jordan is correct, I do like my dividends, total returns, craft beer and the odd dram of scotch on a cold winter night. Thanks to Jordan and his continued support of my site naming yours truly as one of his favourite sites to follow in 2021. All the best to Jordan – and to my readers – consider taking a page from Jordan’s investing book: he owns thousands of units of low-cost ex-Canada ETF XAW if you’re ever in doubt about how to invest beyond Canadian borders.

I intend to invest in some XAW myself within the next week as part of my lessons learned in diversification.

Congrats to Mike from Ontario who won a copy of The Grumpy Accountant and thanks to the 670 entries!

Mike, your book will be the snail mail soon when I get out for more walks this weekend…

Canadians looking for deals and incentives to park some money in 2021 have these top savings accounts to consider thanks to MoneySense.

Dale Roberts shared some fine Weekend Reading material of late, including some Beat the TSX (BTSX) stocks from this past year.

Thanks to Matt Poyner’s site, here are the current BTSX stocks to consider for 2021:

BTSX December 31, 2020

(I already own a few of these stocks myself and I believe most look like decent candidates to bounce back in 2021.)

Speaking of stocks, these are just some of the stocks I bought more of in 2020. I hope to release a similar post in early 2021.

GenYMoney shared some discount brokerage promotions for 2021. 

Some aspiring early retirees enjoyed my post last week (see Weekend Reading edition above) about a couple who had lived well below their means and wondered if they had “enough” to retire on by their early-50s with no pension. (Hint: they did!)

Well, I have another case study you might enjoy as well…

For the early 2021 investing inspiration file!

Samantha is 60 and wants to know if she can meet her spending goals. Find out here in this bulletproof retirement plan how much she can spend and what accounts to draw down first. 

Spend more or retire earlier in this bulletproof retirement plan

Happy investing and see you in the comments section!

See you next year!!!!


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25 Responses to "Weekend Reading – Top Canadian investment sites, buying at all-time highs, #HNY edition!"

  1. If you want to add one great deal out there, and one I’m taking advantage of, is if your transfer in your investments to CIBC Investors Edge they are giving a big cash back right now. If you transfer over $100-499k it is $500 and $500-999K is $1000. This applies to TFSA ad RRSP separately. I confirmed with them and am eligible for $1000 cash back. Only bring it up as you mention a deals page at the end of this post.

    My new years plans include pulling a large amount out of my RRSP by drawing Q4 dividend payouts and selling off some XAW. I will then keep a portion of that drawing as my FI income to live off and the rest will be bought back in my TFSA to maximize my annual contribution limit. Will be interesting to see how ZAG, VCN and XAW stand after this past year when I do my AA % review.

    Happy New year

    1. LOL so I just followed the GenYMoney link after reading the comments above and see they mentioned the InvestorsEdge deal. So there you go, hopefully people take advantage of this. So easy to do with an “in-kind” transfer from bank to bank.

    2. That’s a good plan. I’ve been telling my parents to spend whatever they want (within reason) from RRSP and put any money they don’t spend into their TFSA. I mean, tax free growth and income right??

      I intend to max out my TFSA tomorrow and invest in some XAW and likely a renewable stock or two!

      Happy Investing!

      (FYI – will get some interview questions to you later this month.)

  2. Happy New Year Mark! For those of us who stuck to the plan, 2020 turned out okay. Here’s to continued investing success for everyone in 2021. Thanks for sharing your thoughts, ideas and progress in your posts. Cheers.

  3. Happy New Year, Mark. Your blog and comments section are very helpful to DIY investors. I’ll be adding to my XAW position in my TFSA next week. Looking forward to much better things in 2021!

  4. Happy New Year to you Mark, and all the readers who take the time to ask questions and offer feedback – I’ve learned a great deal on this site over the years and enjoy it immensely. Wishing everyone all the best of health, happiness and of course prosperity for 2021.

  5. Happy New Year, Mark! Wishing you a great 2021.

    Another great roundup. I loved that GenYMoney post. I’ve been with Questrade for so long I hadn’t realized that a lot of other brokers are coming out with some great promotions to compete. So many people are getting into Wealthsimple these days but there are so many other great choices out there.

    1. Lots of great choices out there indeed. I think the key is, pick a brokerage that suits your style of investing and run with it – and don’t trade stocks or ETFs or bitcoin 🙂

      Happy New Year and stay in touch throughout 2021!

  6. Happy New Year to you Mark and to all our readers. Wish you all the very best in 2021 and let’s hope the worst is behind us. May 2021 bring us good health, happiness and lots of prosperity to everyone.

  7. Hi Mark,
    Thanks for all you do to help others. I could not see the link to the link to the top Canadian Investment sites
    inside your blog post. Any suggestions would be appreciated. Happy New Year

  8. Happy new year Mark and thank you for all what you do in helping others to reach a better and secure future.
    hope 2021 will bring peace and health for this world !


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