Weekend Reading – Top blogs, early retirement bloggers, dividend increases and more

Thanks to Jeremy over at Modest Money for running a poll to celebrate the Top Canadian Finance Blog for 2014.  It’s great to be a finalist, thanks readers!   So head on over to Modest Money and vote for My Own Advisor.  Congratulations to all the finalists, I enjoy reading and interacting with many of you.

Here are some cool articles I checked out this week, and wanted to highlight for you.  Enjoy!

MDJ is getting closer to reaching his net worth goal, before age 35.

Dividend Mantra has another freedom fund update.  Jason will likely be living off dividend income (and not working) by age 40 at his current savings rate.

This blogger is on his way to retiring at age 35 based on his recent net worth update.

Dan Mac highlighted some dividend increases last month.  Glad to see some of my stocks in this list.

Money We Have shared some investing mistakes.

Read about a mutual fund manager that reduces his fees for market underperformance.  This is a good thing.

Big Cajun Man wrote about working less but paying less tax.  Seems like a good idea but most employers would never go for it.

I enjoyed reading these 30 financial milestones to achieve before age 30, even though I didn’t agree with all of them.

Rona Birenbaum from Caring for Clients wrote about the financial burdens associated with singledom on Mark Goodfield’s site.

MoneySense Magazine reminded us to minimize our investment fees to improve returns.  I suspect some investors can’t hear this message enough.

My friend Larry MacDonald featured a couple living off $70,000 dividend income per year.  That seems pretty nice.

BrighterLife told us what the pension debate is missing.

The Financial Blogger wondered how much you need to live comfortably.

I like why this blogger buys bank shares.

Financial Uproar said yield on cost is a dumb metric.

Michael James reminded us you have to save money to get any potential benefits from investing.

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6 Responses to "Weekend Reading – Top blogs, early retirement bloggers, dividend increases and more"

  1. Congrats on being a finalists this year 🙂 Thanks for the mention. I think a lot of people have been doing really well financially in the past year thanks to the markets. TSX Composite up 15% year over year 😀 #winning

  2. Mark,

    Thanks for sharing my article!

    And I enjoyed reading that post about the couple who retired @ 50 while living off of their dividend income. $70k is some serious, serious passive income. Good for them!!

    Best wishes.


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