Weekend Reading – TFSA confusion, net worth, frugality and drawing conclusions

Here’s another Weekend Reading edition folks – the best in personal finance and investing right here.

Earlier this week I wrote about why I think the new Tax Free Savings Account (TFSA) contribution limit is good news and I offered up some good places to put your tax refund to work.  From my Archives, here are some tips to fly the friendly skies.

Enjoy your weekend!

The Globe and Mail reported confusion reigns over Tax Free Savings Account (TFSA) rules.

Nobleea shared his net worth update on Million Dollar Journey.

Tawcan has some thoughts on frugalityBig Cajun Man added an interesting photo about frugality.  Everyone is #Frugal this week.

Check out the shocking amount of interest you’ll pay on a small $300 payday loan.

Getting married?  BrighterLife suggests you have the “money talk”.  According to a recent poll more than one in three people said they didn’t discuss their debt with their spouse prior to walking down the aisle.

This blogger received over $1,300 in dividends last month, impressive passive income.

Michael James on Money continues to have some fun with paid blogpost requests.

Barry Choi has some summer travel ideas for you.

Read up about the Rule of 72.

Here are five quality articles from 5i Research.  You can check out their conflict-free investment research here.

Susan Brunner shared some stocks to consider buying.

Last but not least want a great FREE book about investing?  Of course you do, read this post on my site and download If You Can.

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  1. I did like the comments on my article about what Cheap was, consensus was if you went to MacDonalds took a bunch of ketchup sachets and emptied them into your bottle, THAT was cheap! Thanks for the inclusion, enjoy the heat this weekend.

  2. Unfortunately, I get so many offers to trick my readers into reading advertising masquerading as real content that I’ll likely write more of these “replies.” Thanks for the mention.


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