Weekend Reading – TFSA audits, Top 50 sites, DRIP myths and more

2014 Weekend Reading material is winding down folks…hard to believe it’s mid-December…

In case you missed it this week I boldly shared our financial progress here and I thought of some insurance everyone needs to consider.

How’s the holiday shopping coming along folks?  Done?  Almost done?  Not even started yet?  I got a few things to pick up but that’s about it.  The internet has certainly been a game-changer for holiday shopping, in our house it has.

Onto the articles!

Our Big Fat Wallet wondered about CRA auditing our TFSAs.  Those guys best be careful, if they are going after capital gains I think they should allow for capital losses as well.

LSM Insurance released the Top 50 Canadian Personal Finance websites.  Thanks for the mention!

I enjoyed Justin Bender’s post about DRIP myths.

The Passive Income Earner wrote about OPEC’s influence on the energy sector.

Roadmap2Retire reported his passive income update that included buying a railroad.

Boomer & Echo wondered what your financial goals for next year are.

Millionaire Expat and digital nomad Andrew Hallam wondered if index fund investors are simply smarter.  If they can control their investing behaviour, they might be.

Dividend Mantra said he feels financially independent.

Canadian MoneySaver shared some costly financial mistakes to avoid.

Big Cajun Man provided his take on Quicken, the 2015 edition.

Michael James on Money believes the decision between buying permanent and term life insurance lies in getting the math right.  Speaking for myself and where we are in life, the math says term works for us but that might not be the best product for other people depending upon how they want to, as Preet puts it “disaster proof” their life.

Speaking of Preet, he’s blogging and podcasting again, which is great.  Learn more here why employee financial education is so important and overlooked.

I enjoyed this cast of finance characters found on Twitter.  I think I’m most of these.

Over at Mr. Money Mustache, a complainypants sought financial redemption.  A good read as MMM helped a reader understand “there’s even more wealth on tap as soon as you activate a bit of Mustachian frugality.”  I suspect this is a plug for a future MMM book.

Modest Money reviewed this new money book.

Last but not least, if you’re looking for any Christmas gift ideas to improve your or someone else’s financial health in 2015, look no further than these excellent (and inexpensive) books:

Stop Over-Thinking Your Money! – Preet Banerjee

More Money for Beer and Textbooks – Kyle Prevost and Justin Bouchard

Millionaire Teacher – Andrew Hallam

Wealthing Like RabbitsRobert Brown

The Value of SimpleJohn Robertson

Fight Back!  81 Ways to Help You Save Money and Protect Yourself from Corporate TrickeryEllen Roseman

MoneySense Guide to the Perfect PortfolioDan Bortolotti

Happy shopping, good luck and see you here next week.

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  1. Good stuff, thanks for the reading material 🙂
    Im also pretty curious how they are going to go about with the TFSA decision. I mentioned it briefly at the end in a TFSA review article I made, going to have to keep an eye on the outcome of it all.

    Have a relaxing weekend.


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