Weekend Reading – Tax program and Canon camera givewaways, the loss of a Canadian icon, cool blogs

Might as well start off with the sad news first…

It was sad to hear about Stompin’ Tom Connors passing away this week.  Regretfully, I never got to see Tom stomp live but I’m sure his music will continue to live on for generations to come.  I was touched by the letter he wrote just a few days before his death.  You can read it here on his official website.

On a happier note, if you’ve been visiting my site lately, you’ll know I have a few giveaways underway.

Over the next few days I’ll be giving away another point of purchase code for H&R Block Canada’s online tax program.  The code you can win from me is up to a $30 value – so if you haven’t filed your taxes yet – this is a good tool to do so.

Remaining on the topic of giveaways, a few fellow bloggers and I are giving away an awesome Canon Rebel T4i DSLR camera.  Thanks to the folks at Structured Settlement Quotes for the great prize.  To enter this giveaway, visit Modest Money’s site.  This contest runs until the end of March 2013 and this contest is open worldwide; shipping costs up to $50 will be covered for your prize.

Last but not least, enjoy these articles over your weekend.

The Blunt Bean Counter had some suggestions to help out your accountant this tax season.

Invest It Wisely discussed the uncertainty of self-employment.

Did you know 30-year term insurance exists?  Glenn Cooke has some considerations for you.

Simply Investing has a few quality blogs in his roundup.

Money Smarts Blog provided a review about More Money for Beer and TextbooksBalance Junkie also provided a good review as well.  I want to thank the authors for my copy and I’ll be reading it soon.

Dan Solin had an interesting post for “sophisticated” investors and the dangers associated with this label.  I’m very happy I’m not a sophisticated investor.

Here’s Financial Uproar on taking money too far.

Preet Banerjee interviewed Larry Swedroe in his latest podcast.

Mr. CBB said big ticket items hurt sometimes.

Dividend Ninja wrote about the Canadian dividend tax credit.

Canadian Finance Blog wrote about paying for poor customer service.

The Loonie Bin reported his dividend income for February 2013.

Canadian Couch Potato told us why GICs beat bonds in taxable accounts.

Big Cajun Man wondered when kids should start filing their own tax returns.

Boomer & Echo offered 5 misconceptions about retirement planning.

Andrew Hallam wrote about the rise and stall of China.

Retire Happy Blog offered some advice for getting your debt snowball rolling.

Million Dollar Journey shared his net worth update for February 2013.  His assets are now over $800,000 and his liabilities are less than $100,000…I think this is amazing for a 30-something.

Passive Income Earner wrote about the pros and cons of owning dividend ETFs.  I think dividend ETFs are great products only if you don’t want to hold the dividend paying stocks directly.

Michael James on Money shared his takeaways from Warren Buffett’s 2012 letter to shareholders.  When I get done reading this letter, I might do the same.

Y&T wondered what you’d do with $150k.  That’s easy:  I’d pay down my big fat mortgage.

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  1. I heard about his passing because the wife mentioned it but I’m not so familiar with him. It’s always sad when a legend dies but memories were made and will live on just like the others… and sadly missed. I haven’t done my taxes yet, I keep procrastinating although I did read the CRA site about everything I need to do. Likely next week I will have to get it done. Thanks for the shout out mate! Cheers


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