Weekend Reading – Tax free income, passive investing, investing is simple, and more #moneystuff

Weekend Reading – Tax free income, passive investing, investing is simple, and more #moneystuff

Welcome to my latest Weekend Reading edition where I share some of my favourite articles from (the now milder, Ottawa tundra) the week that was…across the personal finance and investing blogosphere.

I got around to posting two articles this week:

Here’s why I believe the new annual TFSA contribution limit is totally worth it.

Just like you can earn U.S. income by owning these Canadian dividend-paying stocks, yes, that’s entirely true – you can also:

Get tax free U.S. income from owning British ADRs inside your TFSA.

Enjoy your weekend plans, I certainly intend to enjoy mine and we’ll see you here next week!

Leading off this Weekend Reading list is a link to Passive Investing:  The Evidence.  This older financial documentary is divided into eight chapters in a video just under an hour long.   The movie is full of Nobel Prize economists and distinguished academics singing the praises of index investing.  The experts in the video make a strong case for indexing and if you have time to check out the video, do so if only for a few minutes.

Investing is simple, but not easy.  Here are 3 simple steps to start planning your portfolio.

The Dividend Earner discussed some passive income strategies.

How To Save Money believes we are teaching our kids these bad money habits.

GenYMoney plans to enjoy her retirement doing these 6 things.

Financial lessons learned

People have been emailing me lately about my financial failures, what I’ve learned, what they should consider for 2019 – so I reviewed some older posts on my site.  Hopefully you’ll take time to read these posts and learn from my financial lessons, so you don’t make the same money mistakes:

Here are some of my dumbass financial moves.

These are six big retirement planning mistakes – don’t fall into these traps.

Here are more of my big fat investing mistakes.

Oh, I forgot to mention – next week I hope to share some content about year-end financial and tax considerations and I’ve also got intentions to share an update on this post – about record dividend income so stay tuned! 🙂


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