Weekend Reading – Success, ETFs, Forbes, leverage, savings boost and more

Welcome to another Weekend Reading edition, where you can find some of the best personal finance and investing articles from the week that was.  This week it was all about updates on this site – where we’re at with some of our 2015 financial goals and how a hybrid approach of owning many dividend paying stocks and a few low-cost indexed products are helping us reach financial freedom.

It’s been a whirlwind couple of weeks at work and things at home have been busy as well.  We’re looking forward to entertaining this weekend and taking some much needed social time as downtime.  Enjoy your plans and see you here again next week!

Mr. Money Mustache said you can find success even after self-destruction.

Justin Bender provided a take on Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs) ex-Canada.  Two great products to consider are VXC and XAW.

Million Dollar Journey was featured in Forbes magazine recently.  Kudos to FrugalTrader on his success.

Larry MacDonald profiled this investor who uses leverage to invest in dividend paying stocks like Royal Bank, Fortis, Enbridge, Coca-Cola and more.

Rob Carrick is aligned with other financial experts who firmly believe your retirement savings will likely need a boost if long-term expected returns come to pass.  Yet another reason living off your dividends or distributions can work for you.

Michael James on Money thinks the current household savings rate is misleading.

Holy Potato had a small rant about being in no position to buy. I think he’s right.

The insightful Mark Goodfield discussed overtaxing the rich.

This article believes we’ve never had it so good – financially.

Boomer & Echo wrote about the parable of financial twins.

Dividend Earner starts investing when he has $1,000 to invest.

Big Cajun Man looked at the job rate in May.

5iResearch believes Bombardier is a great investment destroyer.

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