Weekend Reading – Stocks vs. bonds, investment expectations, Millionaire Teacher and #money stuff

Welcome to my latest Weekend Reading edition, some of my favourite reads from the week that was.

Before that list, here are the articles I posted this week:

I believe the best time to invest was really yesterday.

Even if you have a great income, it does not mean you are financially literate.  Consider these three things to improve your financial literacy – they certainly helped me and continue to do so.

Congratulations to Pat who won the Victory Lap Retirement book – that book is in the mail and you should receive it soon.  Thanks to everyone who entered this giveaway and thanks for your support of this site.

I wish you and your family a great weekend – value every moment.


I watched this video by Preet Banerjee, the difference between stocks (being an owner) and bonds (being a lender).

Over the years, to help realize our financial goals, I prefer being an owner – an owner in 20-30 Canadian dividend paying stocks and a few indexed Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs).

Stephen Weyman listed a few ways to lower your utility bills.  We’ve automated our home quite a bit over the years and we use energy efficient appliances and fixtures as much as we can as well.

Boomer & Echo told us buying new vehicles at a record pace might be killing our finances.  He’s probably right, for some, but not in our house though.  We keep our vehicles for a least 12-15 years (or longer).  What does your car say about you?

My friends at 5i Research wrote about changing investment expectations.

Andrew Hallam believes Mexico might be great place to retire.  I’ve just finished reading this digital nomad’s second edition of Millionaire Teacher.  I hope to giveaway this latest edition of Andrew’s book later this month – stay tuned to this channel!

Canadian Couch Potato interviewed Andrew Hallam.

Apparently this is the Canadian dividend stock could make you very rich.

Kerry Taylor has already completed a few speaking engagements in the Toronto area this week but there’s time to attend a few more…  If you want to learn about some of her unconventional ways to save money – find her out and about next week.

Financial Samurai is unsure if Americans are really this poorly, financially unprepared.  He found a 2015 Federal Reserve survey reporting 46% of adults claim they could not cover an emergency expense of $400.

Roadmap2Retire highlighted some dividend raises and cuts in January.

Big Cajun Man said Canadians are spending more.  In a future post I’ll try and highlight how much we spend on what.

Steadyhand provided some words of wisdom for investing in uncertain times.  I feel with Trump in power, things are more uncertain than ever, so this is how I’m going to invest with Trump in office.

Michael James on Money wrote about sharing vacation costs.

Mr. CBB provided a detailed post about budget organization.

The Investment Funds Institute of Canada is encouraging you to read your new annual investment report – follow them on social media using #IReadMine and @IFIC.  I suspect this will be investor sticker shock for many investors.

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