Weekend Reading – Spring, blog income, simple money, dividends and more

Welcome to another Weekend Reading edition friends!  Finally, spring has sprung in Ottawa.  We reached double digit temperatures this week and this weekend should be the same.  Can’t wait!   I’m looking forward to some BBQ and cold beers over the next few days.

Although some dividends got cut in my portfolio recently, almost a dozen other companies increased their dividend, bumping my early retirement fund in this update here.  Earlier this week, I also questioned whether buying U.S. estate makes any sense for Canadians.  Check out that post and you be the judge.

Thanks for reading and supporting the site – enjoy these articles and your weekend.  See you here next week.

It’s absolutely crazy what some bloggers can make online.

Larry Swedroe wrote finances are important, but so is life, in reviewing a new personal finance book “Simple Money”.  I would argue life trumps obsessing over finances any day.

The Globe and Mail profiled sports broadcaster personality Jay Onrait and his portfolio.  From Jay: “I have my investments from when I worked in Canada. Now that I’m in the U.S., I can’t contribute to RRSPs, but I started my own pension through my production company. I also have an investment adviser here [in Los Angeles] and in Canada. We invest mostly in blue-chip stocks. I tend to pick stocks I understand, like Coca-Cola and the big banks, as well as Facebook and Google.”

Boomer & Echo informed us why an emergency fund is still necessary.

Here are five dividend growth lessons from Dividend Growth Investor.

The Wealthy Barber and Dragons’ Den dragon David Chilton just joined Borrowell as an adviser and investor. From the article:  “I followed the space out of my own interest in the industry – almost a hobby, really,” said Mr. Chilton, who last spring sat down with 28 fintech companies to hear what they wanted to do in the space. “I wanted to see if there were any waves coming down the pipelines in the personal-finance space that could help Canadians manage their money better.”  I think Borrowell will and I hope to get a chance to chat with them for a post on my site in the coming weeks.

Tawcan loaded up on Telus and National Bank.

Big Cajun Man discussed debt cash grabs.

How To Save Money has a new money saving challenge out.

Need some help?  Just starting to invest?  Check out this post about what you should consider.

Roadmap2Retire highlighted some recent dividend raises and cuts.

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