Weekend Reading – Smiling savers, emergency funds, cheap tickets and more

Welcome to my latest Weekend Reading edition.  I hope you had a good week…

Earlier this week I told you we reached a milestone when it comes to our emergency fund and I finally got around to deciding what to do with my old car.  Let me know your thoughts about emergency funds or old cars in a comment below – always great to read other perspectives.

I hope you enjoy your May long weekend!  We intend to 🙂

Best wishes,


Here is your cheap ticket to the elite class.

Million Dollar Journey profiled a Smiling Saver.

Here are 13 strategies to retire early, from people who did it.

Michael James on Money pondered what might happen to our Canadian dollar.

Dividend Growth Investor highlighted what can we learn from Exxon stock performance.

This is how high net worth investor Som Seif invests.

InsurEye breaks down Canadian insurance companies – who owns whom.

Tawcan wondered if you’re focusing on the wrong things.

Here are 8 things I’ve discovered about money.

Here’s how Freedom Thirty Five Blog believes the tax system works.

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13 Responses to "Weekend Reading – Smiling savers, emergency funds, cheap tickets and more"

  1. re: Som Seif — reiterating that the wealthy neither get rich via the stock market nor invest in it heavily.

    re: Tawcan — the human brain is hard-wired (via evolution) to be pessimistic, negatively focused. It takes effort to be positive and optimistic. Unfortunately, humans are also hard-wired to be effort-less (aka lazy).

    As for weeds…they are basically front runners, the signal for other plants that the soil is good for growing. So when you see weeds, be happy that you have rich dirt! 🙂

    Hope everyone gets a long weekend!

  2. Thanks for the mention. I will be enjoying the long weekend too. Happy birthday to the Queen. Without her we would not have this much needed holiday, lol. Keeping your car is a good choice. Tires are relatively cheap to replace for smaller vehicles compared to big SUVs. I got 4 tires changed for my hatchback at Costco for $650. 🙂


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