Weekend Reading – Sens playoff praise, lawn work ahead and great blogs

Weekend Reading 7

Last week, all the chatter by the cool kids on Twitter was about an Eric Gryba hit (from my Ottawa Senators) on Lars Eller (Montreal Canadiens) in game # 1 of this series.  Gryba served his suspension and thankfully Eller was OK and is recovering. This week, I’m proud to say my Sens crushed the Habs in game # 5 and promptly disposed of those speedy Habs, winning their round # 1 series 4-1.  Goaltender Craig Anderson was a beast in every game and I can only hope he continues his stellar play in round # 2.  At the time of this post our next opponent is to be determined but regardless who it is, round # 2 should exciting.  #GoSens #peskySens

The hot weather in Ottawa is gone but the temperature continues to be mild.  Our lawn took a beating last year with the drought and lawn grubs almost killing it so I’ll be working on restoring our lawn this weekend; raking it, overseeding it and watering it.  I suspect I’ll be rinsing and repeating this cycle for weeks.  I’ve read white clover is very good for your lawn as well and it helps get rid of lawn grubs.  Can anyone out there confirm that for me?  Do you use clover on your lawn?

Before you get working on your house, lawn or garden this weekend, make some time to check out some of these great blogs.  I’ll be back next week with a dividend income update for April and maybe a few other posts.  Take care!

Here’s a refresher about the elements of investing courtesy of the CFA Institute, covering five key principles:  asset allocation, a long-term horizon, diversification, low costs and tax management.

Fans of Modest Money voted for Canada’s Top Finance Blogs 2013.  Congratulations to all finalists and vote here for your favourites!

The Dividend Guy wondered if sell in May and go away was good investment advice.  Not for me.

Million Dollar Journey offered some smart ways to spend your tax refund.  I will be writing a post about how we spent our tax refund soon.

Dividend Monk took a look at Colgate-Palmolive.

Boomer & Echo wondered how much of your income you save.  Robb is apparently saving a bundle of his, great work!

The Passive Income Earner shared some TFSA strategies.  I use the TFSA as a retirement account, a great one at that.

Dividend Ninja offered some stock selections in the telco, real estate and energy sectors.

Freedom Thirty Five was happy to connect with a few bloggers recently.

Canadian Mortgage Trends wondered if mortgage brokers can avoid a potential conflict or maybe just avoid Garth Turner specifically, including Garth’s criticisms of the mortgage industry.

Mr. Money Mustache shared some tips to prosper in an economic boom.  His advice is clear and timeless how to behave in a boom:  “Everyone is speculating vigorously on stocks, and the index is at a high valuation. You’ll want to continue your regular investing program, but your asset allocation rules will automatically make you buy fewer stocks and more bonds. And especially look into alternatives like paying off your mortgage early – this is the time to get out of debt, because the getting is easy.”

My friend the Blunt Bean Counter shared some travel travails.  He said he needed another week to rest his brain post tax season.  I can’t blame him.

Canadian Couch Potato couldn’t believe investors can be this clueless.

Canadian Capitalist reminded us RBC and BMO are offering cheaper business banking options.

A Millionaire Teacher I know added $20,000 to his portfolio recently.  I only wish I could have that kind of cash flow every few months.  Someday Andrew…

Big Cajun Man reminded us the answer is always no, unless you ask; then you have a shot at discounts.

Mr. CBB is young and almost financially free.  Great work!

Michael James on Money wondered if 15% returns are too high or low.  I just wish 15% returns were normal.

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13 Responses to "Weekend Reading – Sens playoff praise, lawn work ahead and great blogs"

  1. Hey Mark, thanx for the mention! 🙂

    I don’t care what Liquid says, the weather has been awesome this week – hot and sunny. Went on a nice holiday this week. It will be raining by the weekend to make Liquid happy… like it never rains in Vancouver. 🙁

    The Dividend Ninja

  2. Weather on the west coast is surprisingly warm this year too. I don’t mind the sun so much but I’d like to see some rain periodically. I heard precipitation helps to clean the air 🙂 Thanks for the mention. Enjoy the weekend 😀

  3. The lawns around here took a beating as well. I have clover in my back lawn but I take very good care of my lawn. I used my rain barrel all last year to water, took out the weeds, etc.. and right now it’s perfect (fingers crossed). The front is another story it’s rubbish. I just ordered in my first haul of landscaping rocks and 3 steps so I’ll be busy in the next week out front. I’m doing a complete overhaul so It’s maintenance free. I just want to focus on my back gardens. I’ll put a bit of money out front probably $3-$4k but once it’s done, it’s done. Thanks for sharing my post mate! Have a great weekend… in the grass ha!


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