Weekend Reading – Sens in seven games and great blogs

That’s right, I wrote it.  My Ottawa Senators will beat the Pittsburgh Penguins in seven games.  Although they lost game 1 of the series (4-1), I’ve got a great feeling they can rebound in game 2 on Friday night and come home with the split.  Who’s with me?

The “lawn weekend” will be filled with yard work and studying for an HR course I need to write an exam for soon but some relaxation is also in store as well.   Until my next post, enjoy these articles.  Have a great long weekend!

Mr. Money Mustache had a cool post about a lawyer calling it quits and a despondent millionaire.  The lawyer has more money than he can spend and now, realizing this, is quitting his job and selling his McMansion.  The despondent millionaire has been somehow programmed to think he has been financially unsuccessful by his family despite owning two homes and holding a bunch of investments.

Prairie EcoThrifter had some tips to simplify your life.

Garry Marr said too many eggs might be in the housing basket.

Modest Money offered what you might want to know to improve your credit score.

Avoid these mistakes, when starting your investing journey courtesy of Boomer & Echo.

Financial Highway wondered when do you like to splurge?  I don’t splurge very often, but when I do, I splurge on travel, and Dos Equis.  For the most part, stay frugal my friends.

Dan Bortolotti wondered if some potatoes can be socially responsible index investors.

Big Cajun Man scoffed at some bloggers seeking to retire by age 35.  I missed my chance.  The Financial Blogger on the other hand, is wondering if he can still make it.

My University Money offered a few ways your campus bar can become a rockstar.

Rick Ferri said on his blog this week:  “Wise investors do not try to time markets. They create an asset allocation to stocks based on their needs, invest in the asset allocation using index funds, and rebalance occasionally. A low-cost buy, hold and rebalance strategy has the highest probability for meeting future financial goals.”

The Passive Income Earner shared some mortgage strategies.  9 more years to kill mine, so the math says, can’t wait.

Dividend Growth Investor shared the world’s best dividend portfolio.

Dan Mac had a great post about reinvesting dividends.

My friend Steve has a way to shop at Costco sans membership – read more here.

Susan Brunner reviewed Power Financial.

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  1. How can you possibly think Sens will beat the mighty Penguins? Don’t you know Google is sponsoring them 😉 hahaha!

    Regarless, the Hawks are going to win the cup this year. They are just the perfect team.


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