Weekend Reading – RRSPs for trips, Peter Hodson podcast and great blogs

Leading off this Weekend Reading list, I was surprised to learn recently that 6% of Canadians have taken money out of their RRSPs to fund a trip.  Really?  Hard to believe some folks are using a retirement account to take a vacation but I suppose it’s much better to do that than to get into major debt because of the trip.

On the theme of money not well spent, Preet Banerjee posted podcast # 12 recently where Peter Hodson, Editor of Canadian Money Saver magazine and former Chairman of Sprott Asset Management left a million dollar job on Bay Street because he couldn’t take some of the financial industry shenanigans anymore.  Take a few minutes to listen to this podcast.  Peter was very candid with his answers thanks to Preet’s questions.

Enjoy these great articles and your weekend!

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The Blunt Bean Counter questioned whether folks are using their RRSP wisely.

Modest Money has a generous December giveaway underway.

Million Dollar Journey inched closer to his net worth goal.

Andrew Hallam thinks toddlers can predict the future better than most adult investors.

The Passive Income Earner shared why it pays to compare mortgage rates.

Simply Investing was kind enough to highlight yours truly in his best of the best.

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  1. That is quite a surprise about how many people take money out of their RRSPs. Now that we have the TFSA, I think it would make more sense to liquidate that before RRSPs, unless the person isn’t making income anymore. Thanks for the mention 😀 Enjoy the weekend.


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