Weekend Reading – Rich couples, frugalista, let’s get blunt, dogs are optional and more

Welcome to some fine Weekend Reading friends.  Seems like the 40 Deg. C heat (with humidity) in Ottawa is now over for the summer but some good weather will remain I think for weeks to come.  Hopefully the weather and other things are just as pleasant in your part of the world.

Earlier this week I shared this retirement essay from a fan of my site, who is really enjoying retirement in style, and I shared my latest dividend income update on our long road to financial freedom.

Enjoy these articles from the week that was and I’ll be back next week with a review of a book I’ve been meaning to write about for some time.

All the best!

The Globe and Mail shared the story of this couple, aged 57 and 60, with over $2 million in assets and about $250,000 in mortgage liabilities.  Should this couple dig away at the mortgage and retire or grow their RRSPs?  If we were in that position killing debt and retiring at age 60 (or sooner) is easily our answer.

Time to get blunt about your financial affairs, a new book is out by blogger, tax pro and all around good guy Mark Goodfield.  I will be reading this book in the coming weeks.  I will also giveaway a couple copies of Mark’s book on my site – so stay tuned!

Mr. Money Mustache found another reason why some people can’t save for retirement, they have dogs as pets.  Interesting to read the 300+ comments.

Larry MacDonald profiled this young investor studying at Bishop’s University.

How To Save Money told us never to pay for an upgrade to computer memory.  I haven’t but then again I’ve done this indirectly, I usually get a new laptop every 5-7 years.

My friends at 5i Research confirmed Canada is in a recession looking at TSX sector returns.

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  1. Thanks for the share Mark. We’ve had terribly cold weather almost all summer long until late August and early September where we’ve had a little bit of heat. I didn’t even dig the fans out the basement this year let alone use air conditioning. Barely even had to open the windows. Really crazy.

  2. Weather has been just as hot and humid here in the GTA. It looks like it’s going to cool down a bit now which I don’t mind although I’ve got tonnes of yard work to do. The wife already has the Fall decor out front of the house. Great reads this week Mark. I know if I miss one you’ll have it posted so thanks for putting this together every week!


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