Weekend Reading – Retiree portfolios, DSCs, debt, BCE, financial acts and more

Welcome to another Weekend Reading edition friends.  I started putting this edition together last night and then abandoned it, just before the big #SensvsHabs game where I watched P.K. Subban take batting practice to Mark Stone’s hands.


I jumped off my couch when that happened – there should have been a suspension.  Hopefully Stone can play in Game #2 and the Sens can get some sort of payback for Subban’s antics including a win.

Back to the personal finance stuff folks, earlier this week I wrote about adopting Prosci’s ADKAR model for financial change and I recommended some rules to follow after the personal finance golden rule.

#GoSensGo and we’ll see you here again next week.  Enjoy the NHL playoffs hockey fans!

Here’s a very conservative ETF portfolio for retirees from Morningstar.  Equities make up just 20% using XIC and VUS.

Boomer & Echo wrote about Deferred Sales Charges (DSCs).

BrighterLife wondered if household debt is a threat to your retirement plan.

Susan Brunner reviewed BCE.

Superstar blogger Kerry Taylor told us about five unconventional ways to get your financial act together.

John Heinzl told us why dividends (and dividend investors who earn them) can take advantage of some tax savings.

Tawcan shared some healthy dividend income.

I agree with Rob Carrick there is nothing wrong with banks fighting it out for our mortgage dollars.

I enjoyed Michael James on Money take about paying down your mortgage or investing.  Would you want a fat mortgage if a) you lost your job b) the market crashed after you lost your job and c) it takes you months to find another job?  I highly doubt it – which is why we kill debt.

The Big Cajun Man shared some Stats Canada, well, stats.

I was inspired to read about QCash’s update on Million Dollar Journey, a 30-something with a high net worth who remains retired.

The Dividend Guy is counting down to financial freedom.

Krystal Yee wondered if you would consider buying a pre-construction condo.

A Wealth of Common Sense told us Wall Street is not going down without a fight.

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20 Responses to "Weekend Reading – Retiree portfolios, DSCs, debt, BCE, financial acts and more"

  1. I feel your pain about Stone. Picked him up late in the year in my fantasy pool and he helped me finish in the money, so I’m definitely rooting for the guy.

    Some great reads btw, especially enjoyed the one from A Wealth of Common Sense. Ben does such a great job with his posts.

  2. I hope Stone can play…I have him in my pool! I’m surprised that Ottawa’s coach has come out and put a bounty on Subban. Boy this series is going to get even more exciting if it hasn’t already.

    Thanks for the mention, will be cheering for Ottawa all the way from the West Coast.

  3. Hey Mark!
    suspension? ah! This was a stupid move, he deserves the penalty and the getting kicked out of the game, but a suspension? I don’t think so. Last year, Krieder ran into Price and all we got was “it was accidental”. It’s part of the playoff I guess!

    Anyway, this is going to be a fun game tonight!

    Thx for the mention…. and GO HABS GO 😉

      1. Hey Mark,
        wow! the Sens played their best last game.I was worried after the first period as the Habs were completely dominated. They bounced back in the 2nd period. Wow, I’m looking forward next game on Wednesday!

        Honestly, this is the most exciting series I’ve watched in years! Both teams offer great plays!


  4. Great articles this week, Mark. I really enjoyed Boomer & Echo’s mention of DSCs. Far too many times advisors skip over this with their clients.

    Go Sens!


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