Weekend Reading – Real luxury, dividend income updates, DRIPping and more

Welcome to some new Weekend Reading.  Its Masters week and I must say, I’m enjoying the action and getting eager to play some golf.  It’s been a looong winter in Ottawa – it didn’t help we got more snow this week.  *Sigh*  Surely the white stuff will be gone soon, hopefully, eventually…

My Ottawa Senators won’t make the NHL playoffs this year so I bombed on at least one prediction but I’m optimistic I’ll get others correct.

Thanks to all readers for entering The Essential Retirement Guide giveaway and congratulations to Tim – the winner.  Your book will be in the mail this weekend.  Don’t forget about this giveaway on my site #MisforMoney.

Earlier this week I posted some suggestions for investors who enjoy owning U.S. stocks and ETFs in their portfolio and I disagree with most claims that stocks are too risky for a retirement portfolio.  Come to think of it, everything has risk, including bonds and fixed income.

Enjoy these articles and have a great weekend!

I agree with this take, the real luxury we have in life is time.  I’d also add health.

‘Tis that time of the month for passive and dividend income updates.  Here were my favourites:



$25,000 Dividends

Amber Tree

Dividend Earner

Here’s a very well put together guide for taxes this year.

Big Cajun Man shared some tax reflections.

Michael James enjoyed The Essential Retirement Guide.

Here are some valuable lessons from the world of DRIPping (using dividend reinvestment plans).

These are some great ways to spend your tax refund wisely.

Curious about condo insurance coverage and how much is enough?  My friends at InsurEye have some help here.

Barry Choi shared some rules of personal finance.

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21 Responses to "Weekend Reading – Real luxury, dividend income updates, DRIPping and more"

  1. Makeshifthappen2020 · Edit

    Thank you mark for creating this site and for always responding. I truly appreciate all the information and I am 100% sure you will reach all your financial and life goals in due time. I am one of your fans.

  2. makeshifthappen2020 · Edit

    Would you happen to have a list of companies that distribute “eligible dividends” subject to the Dividend Tax Credit? I assume the Big 5 banks distribute eligible dividends, but I was wondering if the rest of the Canadian aristocrats are. Thank you kindly in advance.

    1. Hey Make Shift, most Canadian blue-chip stocks’ dividends are eligible for the dividend tax credit although there are a few exceptions. It’s always best, and I do this myself, to confirm via the Investors Relations department of each company. The information is usually on their website.

      “In 2006 federal legislation was introduced which enhanced the Gross Up and Dividend Tax Credit on eligible dividends paid by Canadian corporations after 2005.
      Manulife has reviewed the requirements and has determined that the dividends paid on the Common and Preferred shares of Manulife Financial Corporation (“MFC”) and on the Preferred shares of The Manufacturers Life Insurance Company (“MLI”) are eligible dividends as defined by the legislation.”

      Pembina Pipeline:
      “Pembina Pipeline Corporation advises shareholders that all common share dividends paid will be designated as “eligible dividends” for Canadian income tax purposes, unless Pembina otherwise notifies its shareholders.”


  3. Thanks for mentioning my tax guide Mark – it’s kind of a monster. I kind of co-authored the original with Dan and shouldered all the updates this year. Going to try and keep it updated and will be using it myself as part of the #SaveOnTaxes challenge that we’re running until the end of next week. Hope you had a great weekend!

  4. Here in Belgium, winter is already forgotten . We have the first signs of the upcoming summer… Flowers in the garden and weelkend plans to teach the kids how to grow carrots…

    Thx for the mention

  5. Thanks for the shout out Mark. Yea, it’s been disappointing for all Canadian NHL teams this year. Hopefully that means every team can get some good prospects at the draft.

  6. Having more time would be really good. And having ownership of our time would be awesome. Of course, this is why we are all investing for the long-term!

    Thank you for the mention Mark. Retire Before Dad wrote a great guest post on the topic of DRIPs.

    1. Yes, the luxury of time is what I am striving for. It’s coming along. I’m not there yet, we figure another 10 years if all goes well but I like having goals and something to work towards. Enjoy the weekend.

  7. “The rich invest in time, the poor invest in money.” — Warren Buffett

    There is a world of profound and actionable thinking in that one line.

    West Coast “winter” is a misnomer. Favourite time of year as spring weather makes our winter crops explode and our summer crops sprout. Can’t wait for those strawberries! 😀


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