Weekend Reading – QE for dummies, JNJ, a millionaire expat and more

Welcome to your Weekend Reading list folks.  Lots of news from dividend stocks this week; some lowlights and highlights:

• Canadian Oil Sands (COS) slashed their dividend by 42%.
• Enbridge (ENB) increased their dividend by 33%.
• Bank of Montreal (BMO) increased their dividend by almost 3%.
• Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce (CIBC) increased their dividend by 3%.

In case you missed it, I wrote about my personal finance ah-ha moments that got some nice praise from my friend and personal finance expert Jim Yih:

Tweet of the week

…and I reviewed John Robertson’s book The Value of Simple. Make sure you enter my giveaway for this book.  I think this book would make a nice Christmas gift for the personal financier in your family.

Enjoy these great articles from the blogosphere and let’s chat again on this site next week.

Preet Banerjee shared a link about quantitative easing for dummies and eased away from ads on his site as well.

Susan Brunner reviewed JNJ:US.

Canadian Couch Potato had a fine interview with Andrew Hallam, Millionaire Teacher turned Millionaire Expat Investor.  That handle has a nice ring to it, well done Andrew and I look forward to reading your book over the holidays.

Jim Yih said stop raiding your RRSP BEFORE retirement.

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12 Responses to "Weekend Reading – QE for dummies, JNJ, a millionaire expat and more"

  1. Mark,

    Honored as heck to be apart of your weekend reading – thank you very much! I definitely liked CM increasing their dividend again by 3 more percent – I feel they’ve increased their dividends quite often now throughout the year, instead of just one big bang. (It’s actually interesting, as the bank stocks took a beating over in Canada, with weaker outlook on earnings/asset growth due to the obvious interest rate environment – something our banks in the statements have struggled extremely with).

    Hope you’re having a great weekend, talk soon! (Canadian stocks are all over my radar right now!)


  2. Thanks for the mention and the reading list. It has been a very interesting week especially with the 4 names that change their dividends as I own them all. Very interesting to see how the energy politics is really affecting Canadian economics. One could look at the previous times oil was at these lows in 2009 to kind of predict how certain companies will shake out.

    Will be strong holiday season for retail as one might think its a good hedge against oil right now while u could wait for oil to stabilize.

    1. It will be interesting to see how things shake down in the oil sector. I think there are some good deals to be had now and likely over the next few months. The demand for oil is not going anywhere long term me thinks 🙂

    1. ha. You make me laugh Robb. I didn’t unsubscribe 🙂

      Personally, I think you’re making a wise move. With a growing family and busy one, the less you have to worry about individual stocks the better. You’re a smart guy and this you know inside and out, the less tinkering with your portfolio, the better.

      You’ve move to indexing makes me think about what Preet told us the last time we went out to dinner: “I don’t care what the markets did today, I’m an indexer!” Pretty much sums up how he invests and how much he worries about investing – a good lesson for all of us 🙂



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