Weekend Reading – Portfolios, what will it take, dividends, goals and more

Welcome to some Weekend Reading, offering the best in personal finance and investing reading for the week that was.

This week was busy for yours truly so in case you missed it, here were my articles:

Check out how I did on these 2014 financial predictions.

Over a few bottles of wine during the holidays, we decided on these financial goals for 2015.

Thanks to Glenn Cooke here is a detailed post about permanent life insurance that’s a must read.

Hopefully Ottawa will come out of the deep freeze called winter at some point.  Before the end of March would be nice 🙂

Thanks for reading everyone, stay warm fellow Canucks and see you here again next week.

Holy Potato released his “Canonical Portfolio”, a simple recipe of four funds or ETFs for your portfolio.  I think his simple portfolio of VAB or XBB (bonds); VCN or XIC (Canadian equity); VTI or VUN (U.S. equity) and a few others would serve most investors quite well.

Boomer & Echo wondered what will it take for you to save more money this year.  Some compromises for us.

This blogger is doing very well carving out a life to live off dividends.  I hope to provide my December 2014 update in another week or so.

I’m participating in this stock picking contest.  I consider financial predictions entertainment since nobody can accurately predict the future, even all the financial gurus put together.

Here is a collection of personal finance goals from various bloggers and financial experts, courtesy of Freedom Thirty Five Blog.

Million Dollar Journey offered up a great list of financial checklist items to start the year.

Michael James on Money indexes most of his portfolio, and his 2014 investment record is here.

For the travellers out there here are some impressive photos from Mark and Lori’s most excellent African adventure.

Here are some dividend kings for 2015.

I’m learning to appreciate less is more as I get older, so maybe Retire Happy was reading my mind on this subject.

Here’s what financial pro Tom Drake had to say over on Canadian MoneySaver about improving your finances in 2015.

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  1. Thanks for the mention, Mark. We made some trade-offs in our budget, too, trying to balance our savings goals with the needs of a growing family (and having some fun as well).

    Have a great weekend!


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