Weekend Reading – Portfolio profiles, debt, gift card giving and more

This week I shared a few investor profiles in my what’s in your portfolio series.  Read about what and how Passive Income Earner and Dividend Ninja invest by selecting those links.  Stay tuned next week because there are more profiles to come and learn from.  Have a great weekend and enjoy these articles!

MoneySense told us more seniors are living in poverty.

Preet Banerjee said consider skipping the gift card this holiday season.

How To Save Money suggested ways to get a better insurance rate.

Dividend Ninja believes in going global for higher yield stocks.

Dan Bortolotti provided savvy investors with a complete Norbert’s Gambit guide.  Click here to find out how to buy US-listed ETFs using this technique that could save you hundreds of dollars over many years of investing by “sidestepping the wide currency spreads charged by brokerages.”

Don’t forget about the HUGE cash and prize giveaway over at Stephen’s site.  At last look, over $1600 in cash and prizes to be won.

Michael James on Money wrote about forgone consumption.  Michael reminds us about the power that comes with using RRSPs:  when your tax rate in retirement is lower than your working years.

Check out these great stocks and results year-to-date courtesy of The Dividend Guy.

Mr. CBB wondered how you pay your bills.  My answer:  on time.  🙂

A great post by The Blunt Bean Counter that affirms I’m making the right decision to keep my blog the way it is now, not incorporating just yet.

Boomer and Echo helped out a 30-something worried about debt.  Robb provided some sound advice.

A great read about how Penelope ruined her credit score and what you can learn from her experiences.

This blogger just passed $700,000 in assets.

Easy to say, hard to do but BCM has it right:  if you have lots of credit card debt you should not be investing.

Million Dollar Journey is closing in on his goal.  Financial freedom is going to look good on you in your 40s.

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