Weekend Reading – Podcasts, deadly shopping sins and Google billionaires

Welcome to the Weekend Reading list.  Here are some interesting articles I read this past week from the blogosphere.  I hope you enjoy them.  Take care and I’ll be back next week.

Here are 20 important financial things to do every year.

My University Money had Jon Chevreau on their podcast.  I might get a chance to talk to them this winter.

Mo’ Money Mo Houses wrote about seven deadly sins of….shopping.

With stocks, Andrew Hallam said bigger isn’t always better.

Google’s recent stock price surge (over $1,000 USD per share) made the co-founders another $6-billion dollars.

Rob Carrick told us about Guaranteed Investment Certificates (GICs).   Something I didn’t know is Guaranteed Interest Accounts (GIAs), insurance company GICs, offer estate planning benefits:  upon death, the proceeds from a GIA would be paid directly and without probate, legal and other legal estate fees to the designated beneficiary.   GIA deposits are insured for amounts up to $100,000.

Boomer & Echo listed four great personal finance and investing resources.

Retire Happy talked about spending in retirement.

Carl Richards said beware of financial comparisons.

The Blunt Bean Counter said you’ll soon be able to buy shares in Tom Brady and Sidney Crosby.

Passive Income Earner shared his idea of banking utopia.

Glenn Cooke wrote about the importance and options of naming life insurance beneficiaries.

How To Save Money said stop using your debit card.  I agree with Stephen to a point, but sometimes debit and not credit works better for people.

Michael James on Money shared a thoughtful retirement income strategy.

First Asset launched a few new ETFs this week:  XXM and YXM, two U.S. equities that focus on value and momentum respectively.  Thanks to David Barber, a Vice-President at First Asset for sending me the details.

Preet Banerjee wondered why Canadians equate home ownership with financial success.  I have no idea but I suspect it has to do with status.

Big Cajun Man wondered when you got your first credit card.  I was 18.

Here are some signs your retirement is not going to be pretty.

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