Weekend Reading – Podcasts, buy and hold, lessons learned, financial fitness and more

Leading off this Weekend Reading edition, I want to thank Sheryl Smolkin for the recent interview with yours truly here.   Check out what I said about starting my blog, investing lessons learned and more.

Enjoy the rest of these articles and see you here again next week, just in time for a Christmas wish.

Larry MacDonald profiled this investor who buys and holds dividend stocks to help take the emotion out of investing.  Same plan here Larry, as you know!

Here are some lessons learned from the 2014 investing year.

Retire Happy wrote about boosting your financial fitness.

Nelson Smith thinks you’re nuts to buy a vacation home over investing in the stock market, his math says so.

Susan Brunner reviewed this REIT.

Wall Street Playboys said most of the personal finance stuff on the internet is bogus.  They do raise some great points, like the 10% savings rule.

Dan Bortolotti discussed the pros and cons of limit orders.  I use market orders myself, I don’t buy very often and besides, the costs are peanuts when compared to other things in life.

Here are some things according to Money We Have where money is well spent.  I have to agree on the travel, life is for the living and new experiences and cultures are worth it.

Michael James on Money covered what he liked about Money Rules.  I have no idea where he finds the time to read so much.

Robb Engen pushed back his financial independence target date but he continues to excel regardless.

Big Cajun Man said New Year resolutions start now.

InsurEye wants you to know some things after you say “I Do”.

Dividend Ladder listed some top performing U.S. dividend stocks of 2014.

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18 Responses to "Weekend Reading – Podcasts, buy and hold, lessons learned, financial fitness and more"

    1. I think family cottages can be great (and great investments as well) as long as there are agreements in place about the ownership, especially a co-ownership. Otherwise, it could be a nightmare. I’ve witnessed that firsthand.

  1. I read every night before I sleep. That adds up to quite a few books per year. Thanks for the mention.

    I think you might misunderstand Dan’s advice to use limit orders. It’s not about costs. It’s about avoiding market anomalies. When the price is around $25 and you put in a market buy order for 100 shares, you expect to pay $2500. But there’s a chance you’ll pay $5000 if the markets are behaving very strangely that day. It doesn’t happen often, but it does happen.

    1. Well, when Dan wrote…”lesson here is that limit orders are not necessarily designed to get you a better price than investors who use market orders when trading ETFs. They simply protect you from seeing your order filled at a price you didn’t expect”…I guess I interpret price you didn’t expect as in sometimes paying more or sometimes paying less. Paying less is a good thing. In the grand scheme of things over decades of investing, just not sure limit orders would make a huge difference; peanuts when it comes to MERs and other investing charges but maybe I wrong.

      Have a great weekend!


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