Weekend Reading – Podcasts, become a better investor, how many ETFs, and more #moneystuff

Weekend Reading – Podcasts, become a better investor, how many ETFs, and more #moneystuff

Welcome to my latest Weekend Reading edition where I share some of my favourite articles from the personal finance and investing blogosphere.

I went a bit crazy on the site last week posting a number of articles, including this one:

Here was my latest dividend income update – a new milestone is on the horizon next month!

This week, I shared how you can get U.S. dollar income via this updated list of Canadian dividend paying stocks.

Thanks to Sean Cooper for the invite on his podcast where we discussed investing, real estate and how I intend to burn my own mortgage.

I was also recently invited to this podcast where I discussed our approach to investing and much more – thanks Alain!

Unfortunately this saver had to fight with a big bank for her correct financial records.  Hopefully in time CIBC will learn great (and simple) customer service is good for shareholders.

Want to be a better investor?  Change your financial tune.

Here is a recent article about how many ETFs are enough to own.  You don’t need as many as you think.

Speaking of ETFs, on a more positive note, CIBC has entered the ETF market.  Good news overall for investors since high-fee funds kill portfolios.

Avoid costly money management fees and other wealth killers with these fall savings…

Check out my Deals page here to save more, invest better, and keep more of your money!

In revisiting some of my older posts, I still think waiting until age 50 is too late to start saving for retirement.   What say you?

Also, just a heads-up for people trying to contact me about any sort of sponsored post for your Black Friday shopping spree – I don’t accept those.  I can’t be bothered supporting crap things I don’t need regardless if it’s on sale. 🙂

Enjoy your weekend!!

Goooooooo REDBLACKS in the East Final!



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