Weekend Reading – Passive investing video, giveaways and great blogs

Weekend Reading – Passive investing video, giveaways and great blogs
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Leading off this Weekend Reading list is a link to Passive Investing:  The Evidence.  This financial documentary is divided into eight chapters in a video just under an hour long.   The movie is full of Nobel Prize economists and distinguished academics singing the praises of index investing.  The experts in the video make a strong case for indexing and if you have time to check out the video, do so if only for a few minutes.

One of my favourite blogs celebrated his 6-year anniversary this week with a $3,000 giveaway.  Congrats to Million Dollar Journey for reaching this milestone!  I enjoyed reading this part of his post:

It still baffles me how much this site has grown over the years.  It all started with a personal online journal to track my finance journey which evolved into the community you see today.  A strong and loyal readership who is as passionate about personal finance and investing as I am.  Proudly, we have grown to over 18,500 daily subscribers and over 3,100 twitter followers. In addition to that we have received over 13 million hits over the past six years.

Congrats Frugal Trader and continued success on your financial journey.

Here are more great articles to check out this weekend – enjoy!

Susan Brunner was kind enough to highlight a few articles on my site geared to novice investors.

Canadian Budget Binder said to celebrate Christmas like Scrooge this year with a gift exchange.

Tom Bradley said there might be a rush for the exit on bonds soon.  I haven’t purchased bonds in a long time.

Dividend Guy Blog reviewed Fortis.

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