Weekend Reading – Own vs. rent, preferreds, dividends, mobile looks and more

Weekend Reading – Own vs. rent, preferreds, dividends, mobile looks and more

Welcome to some Weekend Reading friends…an early edition. It was a busy week for me so I only managed to squeeze in one blogpost highlighting our latest passive dividend income update.  Spring has sprung in Ottawa and I’m looking forward to the nicer weather to be outdoors and work on our property.  I hope you have a great weekend and see you here again next week.  Enjoy the articles!

BrighterLife debated whether owning or renting is better in retirement.

5i Research provided some insight into preferred shares.  These are not for me, they seem like more risk and less potential return when compared to common blue-chip stocks and definitely other investment choices in my opinion. A reminder you can get conflict-free investment research and news from 5i here.

Robb Engen said living off dividends no longer has any appeal to him.

Million Dollar Journey has a nice new mobile friendly look.

Mr. CBB helped a reader with a saving strategy.

Stephen Weyman provided a long list of tips to spend less when dining out.

My friends at Canadian Mortgage Trends shared their take on the recent Bank of Canada decision to hold tight.

Freedom Thirty Five Blog shared what we should know from our federal budget.

Michael James on Money wondered if dividend haters exist.

Barry Choi has some tips when travelling out of U.S. airports.

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  1. Nice post for the weekend. Those folks at 5i are usually pretty good at delivery solid research. Thanks for the mention this week. 🙂 The Canucks are playing later tonight. I really hope they win or else they’ll be eliminated from the playoffs. 😯

  2. Thanks for including me Mark. You surprised me with the early edition – I thought it was Friday for a few seconds and I had my days mixed up. That’s how consistently I think your weekend reading comes out on Friday 🙂

    Enjoy the (finally) nicer weather.


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