Weekend Reading – New look, Plutus awards, giveaway winner and cool articles

Well, a busy week on My Own Advisor.   Thanks to Avrom’s killer work this site got a new look and is running faster than ever.  I hope you liked the reveal folks…!

It’s time to nominate your favourite blogs and bloggers for the 4th Annual Plutus Awards. The awards ceremony, hosted by Kevin from Thousandaire and Rewards Boost, will be held in St. Louis on October 17th at the U.S. Financial Blogger Conference.   I encourage you to vote for My Own Advisor here in any of these categories:  Best Investing-Focused Personal Finance Blog, Best Canadian Personal Finance Blog, Best Designed Personal Finance Blog or any other relevant category 🙂

Thanks for your continued support.  I enjoy running the site, I hope you enjoy reading and stopping by.

Congratulations to Axel for winning the autographed copy of The Behavior Gap by Carl Richards.  Hopefully the book will make its way overseas to him in one piece.   It’s nice to hear from readers in Switzerland and beyond.  Thanks to everyone who stopped by the blog and entered the giveaway.  Maybe I’ll do another one this fall.

Enjoy the Weekend Reading list and take care.

Dividend Tactics wrote about developing a financial plan.

Tom Drake said you can kill your mortgage faster by doing this.

Avrex Money wrote about the Piotroski F-Score.  No, I’m not swearing at you.  Avrex told us about this professor and his fundamentals regarding how to measure a company for investment purposes.

Passive Income Earner helped us understand stock splits.

Y&T posted her net worth.

Retire Happy wrote about something not so happy but important, the duties of an executor.   This post was a great overview and something that I will bookmark.

My buddy over at Million Dollar Journey wrote about 5 advantages regarding dividend investing.

Dividend Mantra made a recent buy, on his way to retiring at age 40.

Mr. CBB wrote about a busted monthly budget.

BrighterLife told us how our pension plans will likely change over time.

Michael James was a bit skeptical about an email he got offering him a return of 9000% per day.  I think if the email was more realistic, like 90% return per day, he just might bite at the chance.

Canadian Capitalist told us about some high interest savings accounts available from discount brokers.

Boomer & Echo celebrated 3 years of blogging success.  Congrats and I hope they continue their great work.

Miranda on Prairie Eco-Thrifter shared 5 investing mistakes to avoid.

Big Cajun Man wondered about found money.  I certainly haven’t found cash lately…

You can find out more about the true cost of owning a car at Modest Money.

Canadian Mortgage News said uptrending rates aren’t the time to gamble.

Steve from GroceryAlerts.ca offered some advice to ditch your landline, something my wife and I are thinking about actually.

Ben Carlson told us how to create a common sense investment plan.  I hope to offer a few takeaways from Ben’s short ebook here next week.

Why would anyone pay an advisor to manage their index funds? Rick Ferri has some reasons and I think this one is the best – put space between you and your investments so you don’t make any emotional decisions.

Larry MacDonald has an update on the returns for the One-Minute Portfolio.  Pretty good returns for just 2 ETFs.

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