Weekend Reading – Net worth, obvious wealth advice and more

Welcome back friends!  Here are my articles from this week:

I discussed my approach for higher interest rates and I called out financial experts and their predictions.

Leading off this Weekend Reading My University Money said it’s never too early to begin tracking your net worth.   On that topic I’m not too sure what ours is.  I haven’t tracked it for some time but I know if we keep killing the mortgage while investing every month it should be trending in the right direction.

Mr. Money Mustache listed some wealth advice that should be obvious.  Pretty funny but also very true stuff.  I think with all the swearing he is trying to make a point.

Enjoy the rest of the articles this weekend and I’ll be back next week.

Canadian Dividend Blogger wondered if BlackBerry or Telus was a better buy.

Do It Yourself (DIY) stock investors would be wise to check out this new project from The Dividend Guy.  Add your name to his mailing list to find out more details; dividend stocks can rock.

Passive Income Earner doesn’t think your bond allocation should match your age.   One of his reasons:   “Actuaries screwed up estimating how long we will live for and admitted it.”  You can read about my thoughts on bonds here.

This article says the investing choice for wealth management is crystal clear:  indexing.

Indexing fan Dan Bortolotti announced the 2013 edition of The MoneySense Guide to the Perfect Portfolio is on newsstands and online now.

A Wealth of Common Sense told us why diversification works.  This is the biggest reason, for me:  you can move capital into lagging markets (or stocks) since underperformance usually leads to higher performance with time.

Big Cajun Man said true investing believers are a rare breed.

Kevin Press wondered why are Canadians so strung out?

Preet Banerjee said we should start hating debt, again.  I’m there Preet and trying to kill it…

Michael James on Money discussed some new ETFs now on the market in Canada, a new menu from Purpose Investments.

Dividend Ninja wrote about SDY, a U.S. dividend aristocrat ETF.

Retire Happy shared some money mistakes.   Major mistakes include spending more than you make, not saving enough and not getting the appropriate or right amount of insurance.

Here are some money management principles from a millionaire reader who reads Million Dollar Journey.

The next major milestone for the Sleepy Portfolio is coming up.

Modest Money wrote about dealing with an emergency when you didn’t have an emergency fund.

Canadian Budget Binder had some tips to scare more and spend less this Halloween season.

Robb Engen tells us why he saves outside his pension plan.

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    1. I’ve always found investable assets or invested assets, is a much better measure of true wealth. I don’t like to think of my home for as an asset, for that particular reason. I have to live somewhere 🙂

      Have a good weekend,

  1. I do a back of the envelope net worth calculation every once and a while, but I know that as long as I continue to save & invest and pay off my mortgage & student loans that it’s going in the right direction.


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