Weekend Reading – Mortgage free plans, RRIF rules, retirement and more

Welcome to my latest Weekend Reading list.  This week, I found time to post a dividend income update and I got some expert feedback on the best asset for your retirement.   Enjoy the articles and your weekend.   Chat again next week.

Sean Cooper plans to be mortgage-free in a few years, in his early 30s.

Strict Registered Retirement Income Fund (RRIF) drawdown rules no longer make any sense, in this article.

Million Dollar Journey provided some insight on how much you need to save for your retirement number.  I figure we’ll need $1 M in the bank and no debts at minimum.

Kerry Taylor wrote a very brave post about depression.

Dividend Engineering provided a detailed review of Kinder Morgan.

Michael James on Money recently used Royal Bank stock to avoid expensive currency exchange fees.  Smart move.

Dividend Mantra is revisiting extreme frugality based on his recent move.

Dividend Growth Investor wrote about staying motivated for your financial journey.

Dan Bortolotti discussed Canada’s first ETF Robo-Advisor.  This seems like an interesting service with likely more on the way.

My friends at My University Money told us how to get our email skills sharp for the business world.  Email skills are not just for new grads either.

Boomer and Echo made sense of the TFSA vs. RRSP debate.

Here are some reasons why long-term car loans should worry you.

Read about some atrociously dangerous investing advice.

Here are some money-saving BBQ ideas.  Good ideas but not for me.  I’m going all out this weekend with a few craft beers and some great food.  I gotta live.

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