Weekend Reading – MoneySense mentions, dividend stocks, pensions and more

Welcome to my latest Weekend Reading list.  This week, I found time to write about some of my favourite Canadian equity Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs) for your portfolio and why I cut Rogers Home Phone out of my life.

Enjoy these articles and I’ll be back next week to chat about my financial goals year-to-date and maybe a few others things.   Thanks for reading…

Check out Preet Banerjee’s MoneySense article about portfolio rebalancing, and thanks to Preet for including a small quote from yours truly in that article here.  No doubt, portfolio rebalancing is more difficult with dividend investing versus indexing.

John Heinzl from The Globe and Mail revealed how many dividend paying stocks he owns in his personal portfolio here.  He also wrote:  “As a buy-and-hold dividend growth investor, I am not looking to trade in and out of stocks; rather, I am aiming to hold companies for years or decades and collect the rising dividends. With that goal in mind, I focus on large, blue-chip companies – banks, pipelines, telecoms, utilities and well-known consumer stocks, for example – that don’t require a lot of monitoring.”  Same here.

Learn about Canada’s hidden Pension Plan from Sean Cooper.

My friends at LSM Insurance are giving away a copy of Ellen Roseman’s latest book.

Richard from Master Your Portfolio wrote a small (and very good) “book” about index investing here.

Michael James on Money is tired of reading blogposts plugging credit cards.

Here are some ideas when to buy stuff and save money when you do.

Mark Goodfield listed some great tax resources and sites.  He shouldn’t be so modest…his site is near the top of my list.

Mr. CBB told us why a family allowance is important to him.

Robb Engen shared some investing lessons learned.

On the theme of lessons learned, Money We Have shared how he fixed some money mistakes.

Big Cajun Man said don’t forget about our provincial Land Transfer Tax, in some house transactions that is.

Susan Brunner wondered if Canadian banks are still a buy.

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20 Responses to "Weekend Reading – MoneySense mentions, dividend stocks, pensions and more"

  1. Thanks for the mention, Mark, and congrats on the MoneySense mention. Tell Preet (or his editor) to throw a link your way – he’s forgetting his blogging roots 😉

    1. It’s getting better actually. Standing closer the ball, slowing the swing down…all good things. I don’t quite swing like Kaymer but I can always dream.

      Glad to hear you’re getting a few games in – take care Mark!

    1. Preet’s articles are always very good. That guy is a wealth of information but he also has a gift to convey things in a way anyone can relate to. Most welcome for the mention Mr. CBB.

  2. Thanks for the link love again Mark. Great to be included in MoneySense. I’m supposed to be part of a MoneySense article sometime soon as well, although I haven’t been given a date when it will be published. That’ll be a first for me.



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