Weekend Reading – Mistakes, Stock Considerations, AWeber and more

Kicking off this Weekend Reading, thanks to Rob Carrick for including my article in the Globe and Mail this past week under the title “Mistakes, I’ve made a few”.  Each week you’ll find a number of informative reads in Rob’s column Carrick on money.

Passive Income Earner shared some questions to ask before buying a stock.  My list of questions to answer is rather short.  Do I understand this company?  What is their competitive advantage?  What is their operating history in terms of dividend payments?  If I can’t answer these questions easily, then I typically don’t bother with more company details and put my money into simple, low-cost indexed products instead.

The Dividend Ninja is making the leap to AWeber.  Seems like a smart move to me and I hope to do the same this fall.

Why?  Well, Google killed their Reader earlier this year and FeedBurner might be next.  FeedBurner is also unreliable, my post yesterday didn’t get sent out for some reason.  Geez…  I’ll give you lots of lead time before I make the switch and I’m hopeful the email glitch yesterday was a one-time event.  If it happens again, I’ll be making the move to a new service sooner than later and give you any instructions!

Ben Carlson shared some advice from Warren Buffett, from 1975.

Preet Banerjee told us what financial advisers do.

Boomer & Echo said travel insurance is essential for a worry-free vacation.

Rick Ferri said ETF fees are creeping higher.  Not for the products I own.

Passive Income Pursuit shared his dividend income.

Adam from Money Rebound said to do it when you’re young.   Don’t worry, the article is PG-13.

Michael James on Money pointed out the buy-high and sell-low advice in the Financial Post.  That doesn’t sound very good to me either.

The Blunt Bean Counter is back from golfing and travelling, and posted an article about the revised T1135 – Foreign Income Reporting.

Mich said the pending war on Syria might trigger a spike in oil prices.

Big Cajun Man wondered about the best way to keep his online passwords in check.

Million Dollar Journey continues his amazing savings and investing path on his way to $1 million in net worth.

BrighterLife had a cool infographic about home maintenance.

Krystal Yee shared her goals for September.

John Heinzl says he’s not worried about the fall in some dividend stock prices.  I feel the same.

Have a great weekend and thanks very much for reading!


18 Responses to "Weekend Reading – Mistakes, Stock Considerations, AWeber and more"

    1. Thanks Daisy. Rob Carrick is very kind to me and this blog. I’m just happy he follows along.

      Regarding FeedBurner, yes, when I make the switch, I will let you and other bloggers know how it goes. I’ll likely write a post (or two) about my steps. It will be good to document what I’ve done as well. 🙂

      Have a great weekend and thanks for being such a great fan.

  1. Thanx for the mention Mark!

    I don’t think I have any regrets deciding to make the switch to AWeber, the service has been around a long time. Next week I’ll work on the acutal RSS template and maybe launch early. 🙂

    Ben, Mailchimp is good too, but AWeber is much better. The stats in AWeber are amazing! Mailchimp does not allow you to monetize your emails, from what I have heard, hence why many don’t use it.

    Have a nice weekend!

    All the best,

    1. Your comment is a good reminder, in that, folks who read such articles (in the Post) really need to make some educated decisions on their own. The challenge is, I suspect, many people are reading the Post or blogs for financial advice are not doing their own assessment.

      While most personal finance advice is universal (spend less than you make) some of it is not and Andrew’s Post article is something not to follow or just accept blindly.

  2. Happy Friday mate,
    My designer loaded feedburner on my new site but I’ve just asked him for an alternative as I keep reading about feedburner and I’m not sure I want to bother with it now. Have a great weekend Mark. Well done on getting in the Globe… you are doing something right!! Cheers


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