Weekend Reading – Millions not enough, home insurance, ETFs, and best cash back credit cards

Welcome to another Weekend Reading edition friends, I hope you had a good week.

It’s been very busy week at work but I did manage to sneak in a few articles on my blog:

Congratulations to Peter who won the Market Masters book giveaway – your copy is in the mail to you.

Have a great weekend and see you here next week.

Our Big Fat Wallet shared his latest dividend income update.  I will do that soon here on my site.

Retire by 40 wondered if you could retire on 5 million dollars.  Here was my response to him:

Heck yes

Big Cajun Man shared some home insurance gotchas.

My friends at Greedy Rates just evaluated a host of cash back credit cards.  Here are the best of the best for Canada this year.

DGI likes this U.S. dividend ETF.

How To Save Money offered some advice for garage sales.  My advice?  Don’t buy electronics and haggle for everything!

This article from the Globe and Mail wondered if it was crazy to go 100% equities if you have a workplace pension planI already answered this question on my site here – check it out.

11 Responses to "Weekend Reading – Millions not enough, home insurance, ETFs, and best cash back credit cards"

  1. Retire by 40: Guess it’s the Half Full or Half Empty situation. But most people just look at one side of the question. Instead of How Big of a Pile Does One Need, Look at How Much Income Will My Saving Generate. If one decides he\she needs $50,000 than they should seek the safest and best way to invest which slowly generates a higher and higher income. Once they’ve reached the $50k income they’ve reached their goal regardless of the size of the pile.

    The difference for me is that Income is real and growing (unless there is a div cut), where as the Pile is dependent on the Market and varies.


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