Weekend Reading – Man in van, Questrade ETFs, videos, pullbacks and more

Welcome to your Weekend Reading folks, some of the best from the personal finance and investing blogosphere anywhere.  Yeah, I’m biased! 🙂  Earlier this week I shared these articles with you:

Why buy individual stocks at all?

Reader Questions – How do you rebalance your portfolio?

Check out these great reads over some coffee, tea or adult beverages if you chose during some downtime this weekend – you’ll enjoy them.  Thanks for the support folks and keep your blogpost comments, Tweets and Facebook Likes coming.

Read about the Toronto Blue Jays #1 prospect who lives in a 1978 VW camper van.  Yes, you read that correctly.  He also got a $2 million signing bonus and still lives in the van.  This is a crazy and cool story.

Looks like Questrade just launched their own hedged-series of sector ETFs.  The MERs for these products start around 0.7%.

Preet Banerjee is back with a new video, tallying the costs with selling one place and buying another.   His video series is outstanding to say the least.

Tawcan wrote about buying stocks on pullbacks.

Click here to find out based on where you live in Canada approximately how much tax you can expect to pay.

Dividend Earner shared some top stocks to consider.

Justin Bender wrote about book value blunders made by online brokerages.

Michael James on Money said playing the stock market game probably won’t help you much long-term when compared to index investing.

Looks like Canada is going to have a new discount, low-cost airline carrier soon.

This article believes today’s parents are risking their retirement to support their kids.

5i Research doesn’t like balanced funds, neither do I and neither should you!

Andrew Hallam wondered if Vanguard index funds beat Vanguard actively managed funds.  The results are pretty close.

Big Cajun Man shared one of his best financial decisions ever.

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  1. Thanks for the mention Mark, always appreciate being included on this great blog. The Questrade ETF’s look interesting but I think we’ll stay with Vanguard for now. The net discount low fare airline looks interesting. Hopefully we can get more competitions for international air fares.


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