Weekend Reading – Lizard brains, #CanFinSummit, free investing ebook, anti-FIRE rants and more

Weekend Reading

Welcome to my latest Weekend Reading edition – controversy edition!

The words “retired”, “retirement” and “financially independent” certainly got many readers riled up this week – starting with this post and followed up by the sequel on my site.  As with any post on my site, I’m more happy to hear perspectives, opinions and viewpoints.  Keep them coming actually.  Establishing and maintaining a healthy dialogue about all things personal finance is a big reason why I started this site in the first place – and why I will continue to run it for anyone that wants to read it.

Next week will likely provide less controversial material with my latest (and overdue) dividend income update but I won’t make any promises…

Got plans this weekend?  We’ve got plans to make tonight a fright night – going to see Stephen King’s IT.  It looks good…

All the best and see you here again soon!


Boomer & Echo reminded us about this obvious truth:  the key to tricking your lizard money brain is to automate your savings.

Canadian Financial Summit

Want the best saving tips, investing practices and practical advice on housing you can actually use?  Check out the Canadian Financial Summit on now – FREE while you can get it!  Join yours truly and more at #CanFinSummit!

Rob Carrick shared some advice on how to get ahead (when your income is hardly growing).

This is how millennials can get a free ebook on investing – and get rich slowly.

Tom Bradley told his clients and potential investors that successful investing a long game.

Million Dollar Journey highlighted a rather significant professional change but he remains on-track to realize his goals nonetheless.  Frugal Trader remains one of my favourite bloggers.

I feel sorry for this former Sears employee who feels “robbed” for losing part of her pension (after working there for 38 years).   While painful, this article should be an important lesson for everyone – look after your own financial interests first and foremost.  Don’t bet the farm on your company pension.  Companies rise and fall; things can and often do – change with time.

Given two-thirds of households are setting aside money for retirement, taking advantage of either a registered pension plan, an RRSP or a tax-free savings account (according to Statistics Canada) – now more than ever is the time for appropriate regulatory oversight through robust investor protection and ombudsman services.   Check out the highlights from the 2016 census data in the link above.  Thanks to my friend Ken Kivenko for the link.  He’s all about investor advocacy in action.

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