Weekend Reading – Killing mortgages, Ponzi schemes, books for investors and more

Welcome to some fine Weekend Reading folks. Earlier this week I mentioned there are far worse problems to have in retirement than this and I shared this milestone about our retirement plan.  By the way, I continue to be done with winter weather here in Ottawa.  At the time of this post it is -31 degrees Celsius with the windchill.  I suppose it could be worse – there is only warm beer to drink in the house 🙂

Don’t forget to enter my TurboTax Canada giveaway – I’ve got six online codes to giveaway this year!  Next week I’ll likely have some tax tip reminders for you and I might revisit some investing rules.

Thanks again for reading and sharing My Own Advisor with friends.  We’re now rocking with 55,000 pageviews per month. Enjoy your weekend!

Check out how Simon Boyce is working on killing his mortgage in another 5 years.  I also hope we’ll be completely debt-free in about 6 years – the race is on Simon.

Apparently you can steal $300-million from others, as part of the largest Ponzi scheme in Canadian history and only get 14 years in prison for it.

Modest Money listed some books for new investors.

In dividend news, Home Capital Group (HCG) hiked their dividend by 10% and TransCanada increased their dividend by 8%.  Awesome.

My friend Larry MacDonald profiled this investor.  I like what the retiree said here: “Very often, my picks are based on the top picks made by outperforming mutual funds that have a low portfolio turnover.”  I’ve done the same thing, own the same dividend stocks the big mutual funds own and collect the dividends and appreciation instead of forking out mutual fund fees.

I recently checked out this new site all about Canadian REITs, they have an excellent filter for investors on this site.

BrighterLife answered the question – is it ever a good idea to raid your RRSP?  Rarely.

Nobel prize winner Daniel Kahneman told us investors are driven more by losses than gains, due to loss aversion.

Larry Swedroe has a new book out that looks interesting.  I might email Larry to see if he could send me a copy.

Michael James on Money answers some investing questions.  I hope to do the same exercise over the next week so we can compare notes.  I’ll share my answers when I’m done.

Dividend Mantra argues you should avoid keeping up with others.

Preet is killing it with these videos, they are creative and very well done – check out his latest about RRSP contributions.

Big Cajun Man is in bill overload.

Holy Potato started this RRSP series.  I’m a fan of John’s latest book that you can buy here.

Young from Young & Thrifty is doing very well for herself.

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18 Responses to "Weekend Reading – Killing mortgages, Ponzi schemes, books for investors and more"

  1. Some nice set of links here. Thanks for putting this together and sharing, Mark.

    Looking forward to reading this over teh wknd. I read about the Ponzi scheme but didnt realize that they already sentenced them.


  2. Nice links Mark. Yea I read about that Ponzi scheme story, and it is messed up; not only the despicable crime involved but how the justice system kind of lets them off the hook.

    Keep up the good work. Looking forward to your upcoming posts, perhaps some about tax tips since we are almost into tax season?

    PS. Toronto cold as hell, too.


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