Weekend Reading – Investor profiles, best ETFs, new books and more

In case you missed some posts in my series What’s In Your Portfolio, here’s a recap what some savvy investors have kindly shared with me over the last couple of weeks:

Larry MacDonald’s portfolio

The Passive Income Earner portfolio 

Dividend Ninja portfolio 

Big Cajun Man portfolio

The Dividend Guy portfolio

Enjoy this Weekend Reading list and good luck with any Christmas shopping.  Tick-Tock…Tick-Tock…

The second installment of Rob Carrick’s Guide to the Best ETFs can be found here, where Rob shares his favourite TSX-listed ETF covering the U.S. stock market.

You can pre-order Preet Banerjee’s new book here, and get it for just $10.  I’m looking forward to reading Stop Over-Thinking Your Money!

Here is an article that discusses the rationale behind company stock splits.  Recently, National Bank and TD Bank announced 2-for-1 splits (thanks).

A Wealth of Common Sense wrote about how most professional athletes squander money.

Boomer and Echo listed a great list of online calculators.

MoneySense told us lower expected returns mean a couple things you probably don’t want to hear:  saving more or retiring later.

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  1. Christmas shopping for us is complete. Now I have the job of wrapping everything because my wife is rubbish at it and will admit that..mind you all you have to do is look at her work to know she has been fired from wrapping gifts in our house lol. Have a good one mate and thanks for the mention. CBB


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