Weekend Reading – Investments, travel rewards, income updates and more

Welcome to your Weekend Reading!

This week the blog was busy with these posts in case you missed them:

What Frugal People Do and Don’t

This latest dividend income update on my retirement plan

What this reader thinks about high-yield stocks and a few ways he looks for them.

For my Canadian readers, I wish you all a safe, happy and healthy Thanksgiving with family and those dear to you.  See you here next week!

Larry Swedroe wrote about the problems with technical analysis.

This blogger, Asset Grinder, is making a killing from his investments.

Dan Bortolotti told us how we can save $1 million.

Tawcan listed his dividend income update.

Ben Carlson isn’t convinced REITs will be hurt when interest rates rise.

Sustainable Personal Finance highlighted 10 ways to sell your house for more money.

Here are the top-5 travel rewards programs in Canada.

MoneySense offered some advice for portfolio withdrawals.

Big Cajun Man discussed pensions and the value of spousal RRSPs.

I liked this article by Jason Heath about investing outside RRSPs and TFSAs.

Dividend Growth Investor said as an investor, you don’t need to right all the time.

BrighterLife.ca offered some advice for your career.

Here are some ways you can save money on travel, thanks to Barry Choi’s post on Mr. CBB’s site.

Million Dollar Journey profiled a new aspiring millionaire, a young engineer here.

Thanks to sheer luck I’m in second place in this stock picking contest.

Jonathan Chevreau suggested Canadians adopt a guerilla frugality mentality.

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