Weekend Reading – Income splitting, leverage, mistakes and more

Weekend Reading – Income splitting, leverage, mistakes and more

Welcome to some of my favourite articles from the week that was, my latest Weekend Reading edition.  I started off this week writing about the short-term saving options that work for us and I shared a small rant about the Aeroplan program.

I got a chance to watch my Senators live versus my second favourite team, the Red Wings this week thanks to my buddy who had tickets.  A great game, the hometown boys won 3-1 and they seem to be on a roll!  Keep it going…#GoSensGo!

Enjoy these articles and see you back here next week!

Larry MacDonald profiled this pharmacist in this Me and My Money series.

Boomer & Echo offered some advice for using leverage, for those that cannot help themselves.

Pension guru Malcolm Hamilton said Canadians don’t need to worry so much about saving for retirement.  I’m not so sure I agree.  Mr. Hamilton assumptions include keeping a good paying job, and your health, for 40 years, continuously until you “decide” to retire at age 65.  Too many assumptions for me and there are no guarantees when it comes to long-term health and employment.

Here are some common budgeting mistakes to avoid from Mr. CBB.

How do financial pros fair to amateurs when it comes to investing success?  Preet Banerjee tells us there is no difference.

MoneySense Magazine offered some tips to a couple to build a low-cost portfolio but I was surprised they recommended 10 financial products to do so.

A Wealth of Common Sense told us markets tempt us into making mistakes.

Thanks for reading and have a great weekend!


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    1. Thanks for the comment Stephen. I don’t mind the program, it has risks with the rewards but I certainly prefer to use any Aeroplan Miles for N.A. flights vs. overseas; based on what I’ve researched and found from personal experience.

  1. Funny I got free tickets for the Canucks vs Red Wings game next year. I’m looking forward to that game.

    I’m still a little confused about the income splitting change and not sure how much it’ll affect us. I guess we’ll find out when we file our taxes next year.

  2. Hi Mark,

    Do you pay for access to Money Sense articles? Every time I click on one of your links that happens to go there I get hit with a pay wall. I’m not sure if I’m doing something wrong or if I’m just cheap 🙂 Thanks for the mention.

    1. You’re not cheap…but yes, I do pay for the online articles as a MoneySense subscriber. I get the magazine issues in the mail. I just assumed if I linked to the article, readers would get behind the paywall, kinda like when done for G&M or other paywalls on Twitter and social media. I believe I am wrong 🙁

  3. Mark,

    Thanks for including me in the roundup.

    Sounds like you had fun at the game. The Red Wings are still my hometown team, even though I’ve lived down here in FL for the past five years. Detroit will always be Hockeytown to me. 🙂

    Have a great weekend!

    Best regards.


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