Weekend Reading – How to manage income needs, disclosure vs. transparency, save money on flights and more!

Weekend Reading – How to manage income needs, disclosure vs. transparency, save money on flights and more!

Welcome to my latest Weekend Reading edition – where I share some of my favourite articles from the week that was across the personal finance and investing blogosphere.

With a busy week at work, my men’s night golf earlier this week, and other obligations on the go I only managed to sneak in one blogpost this week – reviewing my purchase of Fortis many moons ago here.

Like I mentioned last week, in the coming weeks, I have a number of podcasts coming up that I will contributing to.  Thanks to those bloggers and various media channels for reaching out to me – to get my take on various personal finance topics including how we’re realizing our financial goals…so stay tuned for those updates!

Check out these articles…

Fred Vettese, author of Retirement Income for Life, and a partner at Morneau Shepell Inc. in Toronto suggests you consider different spending and expense patterns in the following decades to better manage your retirement portfolio:  the 60s are ‘go-go years’, your 70s are ‘slow-go years’, and finally your 80s and 90s are the ‘no-go years’.  In those ‘no-go years’ expenses are likely to increase given any long-term care needs.

To help manage our long-term income needs – here are our retirement income considerations – in our 40s.

Regardless of the industry you work in, don’t confuse disclosure with transparency.  Totally agree but the differences couldn’t be more glaring than in the financial industry.

As you know, I love to giveaway books here.  This is one that is worthwhile for any beginner investor:  The Smart Debt Coach.  I reviewed a copy of this book here.  Enter for your chance to win this book!

Partnerships and Deals!

Thanks to my passion for personal finance and investing, some great companies want to offer deals. As a reader, you might as well take advantage of them although there is never an obligation. 

Check out my Deals page for a collection of discounts you can’t find anywhere else.

Happy Investing! 


Other reads…

How To Save Money highlighted 13 ways to save money on flights.   I would agree with most of these, I use these tactics myself:

  • Book overseas flights >3 months out.
  • Book domestic flights or shorter-haul flights >8 weeks out.
  • Tuesdays and Wednesdays are less expensive days to fly so we book on those days where we can.
  • Google and apply coupon codes.
  • Use travel aggregators like Skyscanner to compare flights, then book with the airline directly to take advantage of any price guarantees or price drops.
  • Book morning or evening flights. Everyone wants to travel during mid-day.

Want to retire early?  In 10 years?  Follow these steps.  I’m going to consider a post about how well we stack up on these principles (or not) in the coming weeks…

Enjoy this Weekend Reading edition and see you around the site!


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24 Responses to "Weekend Reading – How to manage income needs, disclosure vs. transparency, save money on flights and more!"

  1. Lloyd (58, retired (but farm a bit), married, rural MB) · Edit

    I usually go by when the dividend is declared. CM and RY release their quarterly report this week (22 & 23) and I’m hoping that both will indicate increases payable in the fall.

    1. RBull (59, retired, married, rural coastal NS) · Edit

      Bring ’em on!

      RY has had 3/yr last 6 yrs but only 1 in ’18 so far, so almost certainly a raise coming here. .03 or maybe even .04/ qtr!

      CM more irregular but none yet ’18 so probably, or/and possibly another in 4th qtr!!

      1. Lloyd (58, retired (but farm a bit), married, rural MB) · Edit

        CM had an increase this spring.

        I don’t believe RY has had quite that many increases. It looks like every second quarter in the recent past.

      2. BMO increased their dividend in May. Not happening this fall I don’t think.
        BNS and CM both increased their dividend in Feb. 2018. CM is definitely due given their high EPS and current P/E.
        RY increased their dividend by 3% in Feb. Likely another hike before next year.
        TD will likely hold the course, very conservative, they last increased in early March I believe.

        EMA, ENB and FTS are due to increase their dividends later this fall 🙂

        1. RBull (59, retired, married, rural coastal NS) · Edit

          I agree on BMO.
          My guess both RY and CM will announce raises this week. Will there be splits for shares next few years?
          TD dunno (don’t own..yet)
          Yes, 4.9% announced for EMA; ENB probably announce in Nov? payable ’19; FTS announce in 2 mths? payable Dec 17.
          BNS guess yes for 4th qtr

          You guys are more tuned to it then me however!

          1. RBull (59, retired, married, rural coastal NS) · Edit

            Yeah, the guidance kinda hammered the stock, but recovering up some. Bought some more on the drop but didn’t catch it nearly low enough…

            Guess RY came through with 4 cents qtr ~4.5%. Nice. CM soon.

        2. Mark: BMO increased in Feb, not May and increased in Aug also. NA did in Feb & Aug. Expect BNS, CM & RY to have their second increase as well this year.

  2. RBull (59, retired, married, rural coastal NS) · Edit

    I read what Fred V. said on spending on the different stages. I’m on board with what he’s saying and planning for the same thing.
    Still being in our my 50’s and retired for 4 & 6 yrs I guess maybe we’re in the go-go-go stage. Ha

    Good points on disclosure, transparency and trust.


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