Weekend Reading – Hockey is back, I suppose that’s good and great blogs

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Welcome back NHL.  #gameon.  Do you care?

I suppose I’ll watch the game(s) this weekend since the World Juniors didn’t do anything for me recently but now the new Collective Bargaining Agreement (CBA) has been signed, I have to ask, what was all the fuss all about?

I mean c’mon…it took the billionaires and multimillionaires 4 months to agree to share revenues 50%-50%?

The rich players couldn’t decide in an afternoon if they wanted a new defined benefit pension plan?

It was difficult decision to retain a health and safety committee?

Oh, let’s not forget, it took some time to figure out illegal substances like stimulants and amphetamines should be prohibited from the league.

I love NHL hockey, I’m glad its back but the drama was painful and the process to the new CBA was idiotic.


Leading off this Weekend Reading list, Dan Bortolotti from Canadian Couch Potato is starting a new partnership with the fine folks at PWL Capital Inc.   Dan wrote:

“I am pleased to announce that I have partnered with PWL Advisors in Toronto to offer a unique service for DIY index investors. For a flat fee, budding Couch Potatoes can now work with me and two licensed advisors—Justin Bender and Shannon Dalziel—to design and implement an ETF portfolio at a discount brokerage.”

Kudos to Dan and PWL for this partnership…I suspect they’ll have many customers.

Michael James took issue with market outlooks.

My University Money has some diverse goals for 2013.

Million Dollar Journey told us how to calculate investment returns without becoming an Excel guru.

It’s a new year, time for a new budget for Loonie Bin.

Financial Highway wrote about 9 ways to build passive income.

Boomer & Echo wrote early RRSP withdrawals for “quick cash” may cost you.

Speaking of things that cost you, check out this infographic from Canadian Mortgage Inc. about our Canadian economy, debt and you.

Prairie Eco-Thrifter had some suggestions for a waste free lunch.

Finance Fox questioned whether business with friends is a good idea.

Steadyhand said not to dread your year-end portfolio statement because you might be surprised by 2012 results.

Dividend Ninja made a compelling case why many Canadians should avoid mutual funds.

Thirty Six Months suggested marketing your blog like a startup.

Dividend Growth Stock Investing considered building up his cash reserve for a perfect investing opportunity.  I tend not to build up too much in reserve; I prefer to have my money working for me as much as possible.  Besides, when is the perfect investing opportunity?

Big Cajun Man had a few financial ideas for your next birthday celebration.

The Passive Income Earner listed some U.S. dividend aristocrats.  I own eight of them.

Dividend Yield or Dividend Growth?  Read about it here on Dividend Guy Blog.

Retire Happy told us to pay ourselves first.

Tom Drake was wondering if you’re being realistic about your financial goals.  I think so?

Preet Banerjee on WhereDoesAllMyMoneyGo.com found some time to interview a couple of great personal finance bloggers.  Check it out!

The Outlier Model and friends are giving away $100!

Canadian Budget Binder wrote about money lessons growing up.

Susan Brunner reviewed a bunch of Canadian banks recently, and TD was one of them.

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  1. Rob aka Captain and Mrs Slow · Edit

    thanks for the link from Million dollar Journey, that, calculating my rate of return has been high on my agenda. What I’ve been struggling with is what to do with reinvested dividends and cash payments


  2. Thanks as always for the shout outs Mark. As far as the NHL goes this was the final straw for me. I consider myself a great example of someone that the NHL has lost over the years. As a rural Canadian kid hockey was my life. I played 6 days a week, and could probably have named 70-80% of the league. All the ridiculous antics on both sides have completely turned me off now though. I wrote a post about the lockout a couple of months ago, and basically detailed why getting 700 players with extremely low average business IQs to agree on such complex labour agreements was insane, and thinking they could compete with titans of industry at a negotiating table is even more ridiculous.

    1. No problem for the mention my friend.

      As for the NHL, it’s tough for me. I love hockey but I will have a sour taste in my mouth for a long time because of the multi-millionaires fighting with the uber-millionaires; the greedy bastards.

      The players lost. It was easy to predict from the onset. I don’t feel bad for either party.

  3. Thanks so much for the shout-out! Lots of other great info you’ve got here as well. Can’t wait for hockey to start tomorrow! The Leafs and Canadiens game should be a lot of fun to watch, and I too am expecting big things from Ottawa this year.

  4. Thanks for the mention. I paid attention to some of the drama of the hockey negotiations. After watching press conferences and the endless discussion on sports channels, I don’t believe I got any useful insight into the negotiation process. Public statements from Bettman and player representatives were little more than attempts to steer public opinion. And commentary on sports channels can be charitably called stupid.

  5. I grew up playing hockey, listened to the games on the radio after my bed time, collected cards, stickers, even foam fingers.

    Now I couldn’t be bothered to watch a new generation of whinny, long haired, over paid cry babies.

    Perhaps I’ll take out a loan and go watch a hockey game with my kids one day, but that’s about it.

    Thanks for the inclusion and have a great weekend, Mark!

  6. I like hockey but we don’t have a pro team in my city so I don’t follow it much. I’m more excited about the upcoming MLS (major league soccer) season because our team is one of the best! Anyways, thanks for the mention and all the other great articles I can check out. I always like these roundups because it points me to other sites I may never find on my own!

  7. I’m stoked that hockey is back….and don’t mind be being optimistic…I think we could see Ottawa and the Leafs make the playoffs together…well Ottawa likely…..Leafs….big gasp….btw love that kid Karalsson ….got him locked in the pool! Go Leafs Go!!

  8. Hey Mark,
    I don’t really care much for the NHL as I don’t understand the game really. I guess if you grow up around it and watch it then it all makes sense. Now ask me about soccer and rugby and we can talk. Thanks for the mention mate, lots of great reads here that I’m going to read now. Mr.CBB


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