Weekend Reading – Go for total returns, killer online income, and more investing mistakes

Welcome to some summer Weekend Reading friends.  Earlier this week I shared seven essential steps to a fat RRSP nest egg and I highlighted a few multi-millionaire #frugal athletes.  Enjoy these articles I read this week and here’s to a great weekend!

Indexing guru Larry Swedroe told us to ignore the dividend investing hype and go for total return.  “The low yields on safe bonds available during the past seven years have led many once-conservative investors to shift their allocations from safe bonds to much riskier dividend-paying stocks. This has been especially true for individuals who take an income—or cash-flow—approach to investing as opposed to a total return approach, which I believe is the right one.”

Dividend Growth Investor wondered if companies should pay dividends?

Making Sense of Cents is making a killing online, about $25,000 per month.  Geez…

5i Research continued their series on #MBIM, My Biggest Investing Mistake.  Check out this screw-up from Iain Butler, CFA, Chief Investment Advisor with Motley Fool CanadaYou can read one of my monster mistakes here.

Michael James took in another reader question – about market-linked GICs.

Young from Young & Thrifty shared her portfolio makeover.

Tom Drake has some suggestions on how to make your car last longer.  This is my ride if you want to know.

Here are some thoughts from Boomer & Echo on the real cost of buying your home.

Blonde on a Budget told us to avoid judging yourself based on someone else’s goals.

Former Detroit Red Wings coach, now Leafs coach Mike Babcock is selling his Detroit home.  From the article:  “Listed for $799,999, the 4,486-square-foot home is situated on a private wooded lot. The home has four bedrooms and plenty of living space.”   Mike might get a 1,000 square-foot condo in the Toronto city core for that.

Mr. Money Mustache advocated you can get rich by creating your own tribe.

Larry MacDonald profiled this investor who is a fan of Warren Buffet.

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12 Responses to "Weekend Reading – Go for total returns, killer online income, and more investing mistakes"

  1. Larry Swedroe is cherry picking data to “prove” his point. If he is not, then he is focusing on short-term minutiae, which is dangerous.

    Charlie Munger says, never to ask a barber if you need a haircut. That’s why I never ask an fund salesperson if I need to invest in funds.

    1. Ouch. There is some truth to that DGI – I think it’s unfair to pick short-term investment windows. 10-year investment windows, or more, are much better for trends. Just my opinion of course!

  2. Hi Mark,
    That is amazing money, 25K online monthly income. Do you leverage the content on your site every time you mention and drive traffic to another site? like Mr. Money Moustache for example. Take care

  3. Another nice line up Mark. I’ve got a few more of them to cover in the next few days.

    However I especially thank you for posting up the one by Larry Swedroe who may be one of the guys I follow closest. Dan@ the Canadian Couch potato had an interesting review of his latest book The Incredible Shrinking Alpha which I have yet to read.

    Have a great weekend everybody.


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